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Did Randy Orton always use the RKO as his finisher?


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2014-02-13 00:21:11
2014-02-13 00:21:11

No he used to use the overdrive. Before the R.K.O it was the Overdrive and the Complete Shot


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rko stands for randy kingdal orton but he uses it for his finisher maneuver

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Randy orton his finisher is teh RKO!

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RKO is a simple abbreviation for Randy Orton's initials being Randy Keith Orton

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Randy Orton is played by himself. His full name is Randy Keith Orton (his finisher 'RKO' is named after his full name).

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On the April 26th, 2004 edition of RAW Randy Orton spat in the face of Harley Race, this would begin his ''Legend Killer'' gimmick. During this time, Orton began using the move that would become his signature finisher, the RKO.

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