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No he used to use the overdrive. Before the R.K.O it was the Overdrive and the Complete Shot

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Q: Did Randy Orton always use the RKO as his finisher?
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What is randy orton finisher?


What is Randy Orton finisher in WWE?

it is "RKO"

What does rko means in WWE?

rko stands for randy kingdal orton but he uses it for his finisher maneuver

What does Randy Ortons finisher RKO stand for?

Randal Keith Orton.

Who has the fastest ko in WWE?

Randy orton his finisher is teh RKO!

What does the finisher RKO mean in WWE?

RKO is a simple abbreviation for Randy Orton's initials being Randy Keith Orton

Who is Randy Orton played by?

Randy Orton is played by himself. His full name is Randy Keith Orton (his finisher 'RKO' is named after his full name).

When did Randy Orton first start using the RKO as his finisher?

On the April 26th, 2004 edition of RAW Randy Orton spat in the face of Harley Race, this would begin his ''Legend Killer'' gimmick. During this time, Orton began using the move that would become his signature finisher, the RKO.

John Cena vs Randy Orton?

If you mean who would win, then I would have to say Randy Orton. This is an opinion question, but I would say Orton because of his deadly finisher, the RKO.

What does randy orton mean?

RKO means Randy Keith Orton People rko stands for his full name Randy Keith Orton

What does Randy Orton's RKO mean?

RKO means Randy Keith Orton People rko stands for his full name Randy Keith Orton

What is the randy orton smack?

The randy Orton smack is RKO

What is Randy orton's finisher?


What is Randy Orton's middle name?

His full name is Randall Keith Orton. This is also the meaning behind his finisher, the RKO

What does Randy Ortons RKO stand for?

RKO stands for Randy Killer Orton

What is Randy ortons finisher move?


What is randy orton's special?

RKO is his finisher.

How did Randy Orton come up with THE RKO?

His name is Randy Keith Orton

What randy orton finishing move?

Randy Orton finishing move is the RKO.

Is the finishers real?

by Jeremiah the wwe finishers are real bu t my dad thinks it fake.even Randy Orton finisher the RKO

Did Randy Orton rko Tiffany?

No he did not.

Who move is the rko?

randy Orton

What Does RKO stand for?

In Wrestling RKO stands for RANDY KEITH ORTON :)

Which Wwe Superstar has the Initials "RKO"?

Randy Orton Know as "Randal Keith Orton" Means RKO

What is the fullform of Randy Orton move rko?

RKO is an abbreviation of his full name. His full name is Randal Keith Orton. His finishing move is a cutter which is similar to Steve Austin's Stunner. However, the finisher was named RKO to have a direct connection to his full name. apart from this, there is no other connection between the move and orton.