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No.It was song by rev theory

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Rev Theory

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Q: Did Randy Orton sing voices in hisown?
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How do you get randy orton's theme on iTunes?

revolution theory sing it. the songs called "voices" down load it

Who sing randy orton's song I hear voices in my head?

no that is just part of his character

Does Mercy Drive sing Randy Orton's NEW theme?

From what I've heard, Randy Orton's latest theme music is Voices-Rev Theory. His last theme was Burn in my Light- Mercy Drive.

Who sing Randy Orton enterance music?

rev theory

What songs do Randy Orton sing?

randy orton doesn't sing? Do you mean his entrance music, because his latest one is rev theory - in my head. His last one was finger eleven - burn in my light.

When did Randy Orton debut new song?

randy orton of corse Feb 2009 Orton does not sing his theme song! Voices is sung by Rich Luzzi! R-Truth sings his theme song (he also wrote it) and Shawn Michaels sings his theme song (written by Jimmy Hart)

Who sing the song Voices on WWE?

if your talking about randy ortons theme song,REV THEORY sing it if not,then i dont know

High voices sing in what clef?

High voices, typically the female voices, sing in treble clef.

Does WWE Randy Orton sing his theme song?

i hear voices in my head they talk to me they understand they talk to me ya they tell me things that i will do they show me things ill do to you they talk to me you got your rules and your religion all designed to keep you safe but when rules start getting broken they start questioning your faith (so on)

Does randy Owen or teddy gentry sing my home's in Alabama?

Randy Owen

Where can one find lyrics to the song Burn in My Light?

Sites such as MetroLyrics, Lyrics Freak, Let's Sing It, AZ Lyrics, and Burbler. This song became popular when WWE wrestler Randy Orton began using it as his theme song.

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