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Rick Rude left because of the steroid charges that were brought against Vince. He was trying to distance himself from any accusations.

Yes the reason given above is quite so, he also left because he realized soon after being a pretty dominant Intercontinental champion that he was never going to be put over if he remained in the WWF. Everything circulated around Hulk Hogan at that time in the business and for a unique heel like Rick Rude to beat him would have been unheard of at that time. Plus they were also too busy grooming The Ultimate Warrior to put him over to beat Hogan at Wrestlemania 6. So Rick Rude had no issues in parting company with the WWF after he realized he had a pretty dead end career and was never going to be a strong main event player, he was treated a lot better anyway when he got to WCW. He got the world title there.

rick rude never held the wcw world title. he held the wcw us and international title.

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Q: Did Rick Rude leave WWE because he had a bad business relationship with Vince McMahon?
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