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did roald dhal want to be an auther

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if Roald dahl was not an author he wanted to be a doctor

Roald had always enjoyed writing and reading. He had a wild imagination... he wondered if Disney would like his writing so he had a go. There was no real reason

well roald Dahl wanted to become an officer in the war and he managed to become one

Roald Dahl is important because he closed the gap between what children want to read and what adults might enjoy. From this, family stories were born. Dahl gave political significance to stories told through a child's perspective.

he wanted to be known for his story's or for being a very good doctor

I don't have a clue , I want to know

I'm not really sure. You might want to try google or

i don't know why you'd want to know. I know he liked Beethoven.

It was a childhood dream of his to be a Chocolate Tester for a candy company. He was a Pilot in WWII though, after moving to Africa to look after Shell Oil company property.

i agree they are nonsense, but when I was a young age I enjoyed it. He wrote books because he loved to write. He must have always wanted to be an author and decided to write kids books. Some of his stories are nonsense and are for kids to enjoy because they understand the book.

When WOLF began to feel that he would like a decent meal, he want an knocked on Grandma's door and when she upend it she saw the big what teeth, the fierce grin and wolfie said "may I come in?" (with apologies to Roald Dahl - that bit of Red riding hood is from memory)

i like the passion of the literiture of writing said dahl its quite easy its like making seeds.You have to have water to make you seed grow its a passion and contribute to the antholigy said dahl. Do you want to talk to me in person or get a live audograph or even see me n pirson e-mao; me at thank you so very much senserally your friend (new friend) ROALD DAHL!!!!!!!!! BYE Ps i love each and every one of you like every one else in the WORLD EAQUALLY AMOUNT

roald dahl was very tall -like 6' 6" or something like that. im not sure his exact hight, but its around that (he was very tall - that probebly gave him inspireation to write The BFG! lol). if you want to find his exact hight, go to his website -

Roahld dahl wanted to be a writer because he loved kids reading books so he thought he would write books so that children could enjoy some of his ideas and then he can share some of his ideas with all diffrent people all over the world !

At the end of Matilda by Roald Dahl, Matilda's parents pack their belongings to go on the run from the police who have discovered her father's stolen goods. Matilda doesn't want to leave with them and asks if she can stay with her teacher Miss Honey instead. Her parents agree and Matilda finally has the loving family she has always longed for.

Yes, Suzanne Collins has always wanted to be an author ever since she was a little girl. She was a reporter when she was younger and she wrote stories and that is what started her passion for writing and wanting to be an author.

he wanted to be the first man to discover antarctica

You always get what you want if you do the work or work hard in order to get what you want. There are no guarantees in life, so no matter what you do you may not always get what you want.

Boys always want to do sex in new methods.They always want encouragement from their partner.

That is totally subjective - that is the beauty (and mystery) of art! Is the author writing for their own satisfaction? Does s/he just want a venue for self-expression? Are they writing to get published and make the New York Times' Best Seller list? Do the want to share information? Of course, there is always the possibility of balance.

I am sure you are very young, we always get what we want, but do we really need it?

Roald Dahls favourite insect was a butterfly because they inspired him by the colours when it flys around in the air when he was a child but in 1939 he said that after world war two he would settle down get a job and live his life with his family. SO THERES YOUR ANSWER PEOPLE.BY Lauren Elizabeth Sue Montgomeryage:11I KNOW MORE THAN EVERY BODY THINKS AND IF U NEED SOMETHING ANSWERED JUST ASKAT laurenmontgomery@msn.comok kl nite everyone enjoy ur life like roald dahl byeoh yer if u want to find out something just ask plz

The names you want are Roald Amundsen from Norway, and Sir Robert Falcon Scott from England.

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