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Did Rob Pattinson break up with Kristen Stewart?


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September 12, 2011 9:20PM

They were dating but he broke up with her and she doesn't want to make another movie with him.


I rarely doubt they were ever dating. Even if so, she can't stop making Twilight films. She has a contract and has to work with them as long as they say. She broke up with her boyfriend but even if she was dating Robert he really adores her and doesn't look like he would break her heart. My opinion.

They were never actually together, they're not going to get married, and Rob did not get her pregnant, she's not pregnant.

actually they did date and they did get married. they just want people to think they parted so they can get some privacy in there lives.i know this because im a twilightholic. i look up cast pics,renesmee pics, and a whole bunch of other stuff. i keep up with the twilight cast. you would know the true answer if you do wat i do.rob and Kristen are cought at restraunts together.this is no lie. plus i know people on the inside of can call it an insider.