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Reagan was granted an uncontested divorce from his first wife.

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Q: Did Ronald Reagan divorce his wife?
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Related questions

When did Ronald Reagan and his first wife divorce?

Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman were married on January 26, 1940. Jane Wyman filed for divorce from Ronald Reagan in 1948. The divorce was finalized in 1949.

Did President Ronald Reagan divorce First lady Nancy Reagan?

No. Ronald Reagan was indeed divorced at one time, but that was from his first wife, Jane Wyman. Ronald Reagan remained married to Nancy until his death.

Who is Ronald Reagan's first wife?

Ronald Reagan's first wife was Jane Wyman. His second wife was Nancy Reagan.

First president to have been divorce?

None while in office but Nancy Reagan was Ronald Reagan's second wife before he was elected.

What president was the first to get a divorce?

Ronald Reagan was the first president to get a divorce.

What is the first president to get a divorce?

Ronald Reagan was the first president to get a divorce. He divorced his first wife, actress Jane Wyman, long before he was president, remarrying Nancy.

Who is the only president to have had a divorce?

Must be Ronald Reagan.

Was Ronald Reagan the only president to be divorce?

yes he was

When did Ronald Reagan divorce?

Reagan and first wife, Jane Wyman, were divorced on June 28th 1948.He Had married Jane Wyman on January 26th 1940.

Why did Ronald Reagan get diviorced?

His wife wanted the divorce. Her career as an actress had taken off and his was stagnant. They lost a baby they had together and Reagan may have neglected his wife as he was despondent and turned to outside interests. He was devastated by the divorce for some time afterward..

What was president Ronald Reagan wife's name?

vivia Reagan

When did Ronald Reagan and Jane wyman divorce?

divorcedin 1949,

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