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No - none at all. Russia was defeated by Germany in 1917-18.

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Did Russia gain territory from Germany in World War 2?

Yes. As a matter of fact they gained the whole of eastern Europe.

From which three countries did Poland gain territory?

Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany

How did the US gain Alaska as a territory?

It purchased it from Russia.

What rivalry caused tension that led to world war 1?

A: Japan and Russia both claimed the same territory in northern Asia B: Britain, France, and Germany competed for colonies in Africa and Asia C: Germany feared the rise of communism in Russia and France D: Britain and Germany each wanted to gain control of France.

How did America Gain control of the territory Alaska?

They purchased it from Russia in 1867.

What Germany and Japan each hoped to gain by going to World War 2?

Germany planned to rule Europe (and then Russia). Japan planned to rule Asia (and then the Pacific).

What peninsula did Germany and Russia want control?

During World War 1, Germany and Russia fought heavily to gain control of the Balkan Peninsula. The two belligerents were trying to get the upper hand in terms of advantageous geographical positioning.

How did Russia gain more territory and become an empire?

Catherine the Great set out to expand Russia and take lands in the name of Russia. Russia is so big that it has 7 time zones.

How did the U.S. gain control of Alaska?

It handed Russia a check for 7.2 million dollars and Russia cashed the check. or they found Alaska before russia and then it was considered our territory find on wikiped

Who did we gain independence from?

You neglected to say who "we" is, so we cannot give you a firm answer -- however, for the majority of the world, independence was gained from at least one of:Britain,France,Germany,Spain, andRussia.

What did Germany hope to gain from World War 1?

they hoped to gain parts of the world, leadership and peace (i think and know)

Why did Stalin agree to the nazi soviet pact?

basically Germany were offering Stalin the best offer in that: Russia would gain half of Poland when it was invaded Russia would gain a sphere of influence from the countries surrounding Poland which is key for ideological reasons. The spread of revolution. It meant Russia would not be fighting Germany on two fronts It would strike fear into capitalists countries it would bind time of Russia to recover from the purges and build economically and militarily to be ready to fight Germany because war with Germany was inevitable

Why did Germany enter World war 1 and World war 2?

Germany entered WWI because they were allies with Austria-Hungary and Russia. Austria-Hungary went to war because of the assassination of the arch duke Franz Ferdinand and Germany saw that as a good opportunity to attack France and try to gain land.

What was Hitler Ambition?

Hitlers ambition was to gain more territory for the germans, because he thought they were overcrowded in that limited space(germany)

What did Italy want after World War I was over?

Italy primarily wanted to gain territory.

Why were Germany and Russia hostile to Poland?

Russia and Germany were not hostile, in fact. They simply wanted the lands which Poland controlled, and the only way to gain them was by force (since no ruler in any sort of mind hands over an entire state).

Did Poland lose or gain territory after World War 2?

they lost territory to the soviet union. it's that simple. look it up in a book!!

What did russia want in world war 1?

There are various reasons why Russia went to World War 1. They wanted to gain control of the world as they felt threatened by the growing German power.

Why were the Romans able to gain territory?

They were able to gain territory because they had a strong army that organized into legions.

Why did Russia take over East Germany after WW2?

the allies allowed russia to take it because they weren't doing good economicly so they wanted russia to finally haqve a victory and help them gain more power

What borders did the US gain when it acquired this territory in 1776?

what borders did the United States gain when it acquired this territory in 1776

What did Germany gain from World War 2?

nothing they just lost stuff.

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