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cosmeticNot really, the political changes of implementing representative government were only . He was still an absolute monarch, he had to put down revolts prior to the bolschevic revolution. But even more than Nicholas, the people of Russia hated Rasputin.

The Russian people did like Nicholas the second. However they didn't like his German born wife Alexandra.

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Q: Did Russia like Nicholas II
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When was Nicholas II of Russia born?

Nicholas II of Russia was born on May 18, 1868.

When did Nicholas II of Russia die?

Nicholas II of Russia died on 1918-07-17.

What were working conditions in Russia like with Nicholas II as a leader?

he beat the workers.

Where did Nicholas II rule?


What czar of Russia was overthrown in 1917?

Nicholas II of Russia .

What is Nicholas II of Russia's birthday?

Nicholas II of Russia was born on May 18, 1868.

Who was leader of Russia before Tsar Nicholas II?

Tsar Alexander III, Nicholas's father, was the leader of Russia before Nicholas II.

Who ruled Russia in 1916?

The ruler of Russia in 1916 was Saint Nicholas II. Saint Nicholas II ruled Russia from 1894 to 1917. He was overthrown in 1917 and promptly executed.

Who was the tsar of Russia in 1914?

Nicholas II

Who was the father of Alexander II of Russia?

Nicholas I

Who was the czar of Russia in 1917?

Nicholas ii

What did nicholas II do for russia?

absolutely nothing

Tsar of Russia in 1914?

Nicholas II was Tsar of Russia in 1914.

Who was the czar of Russia that was forced to abdicate his thrown?

Nicholas II of Russia .

Who is Anastasia's father?

Czar Nicholas of Russia, properly numbered Nicholas II.

Tsar of Russia?

The last one was Nicholas II.

Who was the czar of russia in 1914?

Tsar Nicholas II

Leader of Russia 1914?

Czar Nicholas II.

Who ruled Russia in 1914?

Tsar Nicholas ii

How did Nicholas II change Russia?

by killing everyone

Who was the leader of russia in 1900?

Tsar Nicholas II.

What title did Nicholas II have?

Tsar or Emperor of Russia.

Who was tsar of Russia when napolean invaded?

nicholas II

Who was the last czar of russia in ww1?

Nicholas II

Who was the last romsnov czar of russia?

Nicholas II