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Just for your information: There is no such thing as the Roman Catholic Church. That is a term developed by the Protestant Church of England meant to denigrate the Catholic Church. There is just the Catholic Church and all those other non-Catholic religions.

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Q: Did Saint Catherine of Siena become a Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church?
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Do you become Catholic if you get married in a church?

I'm afraid to say that you do not become a catholic by getting married in a Church. To become a catholic you need to be baptized in a Catholic church.

When do you become a member of the Catholic Church?

You become a member of the Catholic Church when you are baptized. Also, you become an adult/full member of the Catholic Church when you receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

What was Henry the religion of Henry the eighth?

He was very much catholic. Henry the 8th created the church of England only to become head of the church to divorce his wife Catherine. The church of England had all the aspects of a catholic church except that the head of the church was the king of England and not the pope.

Can a Catholic become an orangeman?

Not as far as the Catholic Church is concerned.

What is a fact about Saint Therese?

St. Therese was the third woman to become a doctor of the church after St. Catherine of Siana and St. Terese of Avila

Is the Catholic Church Masonic?

No, the Catholic Church is not Masonic. In fact, Catholics are not suppose to become Masons.

Can a non Catholic divorcee become Catholic?

Yes, everyone is welcome in the Catholic Church

When did Kate Middleton become Catholic?

Kate Middleton is not Catholic. She is a member of the Anglican Church (The Church of England).

When did the Catholic Church become the Catholic Church?

.Catholic AnswerWhen it was brought into existence by Our Blessed Lord when He said, "this is my Church" during the last year of His life on earth.

Who were the Church opponents who thought the Catholic Church had become too wealthy and powerful?

It's just the Catholic Church, not the Roman Catholic Church. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is rarely used by the Catholic Church.

What did the Roman Church and Orthodox Church become after they split?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church remained the Catholic Church. It cannot "become" anything else, as Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide it until the end of time. It will remain His Body, it will remain One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The Orthodox Church became schismatic (they are in schism from the Catholic Church).

How can someone become a Catholic?

You have to convert from your current religion to Catholicism. Then you need to become baptized in the Catholic church.

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