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Q: Did Thomas Johnson own slaves
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Did thomas fitzsimon own land?

did thomas fitzsimons have slaves

Did Thomas Edison own slaves?

No. He spent his life in free states.

Did Thomas Paine own slaves?

No, Thomas Paine did not own slaves.Source:

When was Thomas Fielding Johnson born?

Thomas Fielding Johnson was born in 1828.

Who is Memphis monroe husband?

Thomas Johnson - Tennessee

When did Thomas Johnson - designer - die?

Thomas Johnson - designer - died in 1778.

When was Thomas Johnson - designer - born?

Thomas Johnson - designer - was born in 1714.

When did Thomas Johnson - scholar - die?

Thomas Johnson - scholar - died in 1737.

When did Thomas Herman Johnson die?

Thomas Herman Johnson died in 1927.

When was Thomas Herman Johnson born?

Thomas Herman Johnson was born in 1870.

When did Thomas Johnson Westropp die?

Thomas Johnson Westropp died in 1922.

When was Thomas Johnson Westropp born?

Thomas Johnson Westropp was born in 1860.