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Tom Ganley lost the election. In a year that Republicans had a big advantage he still managed to lose. And spent allot of money doing it.


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Mitt Romney will because he will win and Obama will lose>

Yes , he will Mitt Romney will lose the Election

He lost the presidential election of 2000 because he did not have enough electoral votes to win the election.

In the United States, it is possible, due to the nature of the Electoral College, to win the popular vote but not win the election, as occurred in 2000 with George W. Bush versus Al Gore.

They can resign, decide not to run for re-election, fail to win re-election, be impeached and convicted, or die in office.

Because he'll lose. He's hoping that when he has to call an election in summer 2010, that everything will be good and he'll win.

No. It was the last chance for the Confederacy to win. After that, their only hope was that Lincoln would lose the 1864 election.

Eisenhower did not lose his re-election, he served two full terms. He actually had a record win with 58% popular vote and he won over 41 states.

You win physically but lose mentally

Yes. That is one of the glaring weaknesses of 'first past the post'.

they can lose the electoral college vote if the representatives and senators in the electoral college feel that the candidate should not win their state over in the election.

besides popular vote what else does a candidate need to win the election

In the 2008 election, he did win that state; in the 2012 election, he did not.

Win is an antonym for lose. Gain is an antonym for lose.

he didn't win the election because he didn't win at least 270 electoral votes

A candidate must win 270 of the 538 votes to win the election.

first: win the party nomination second: win the primary election if there is one last: win the general election

Lose is the opposite of win. If someone says "you lose," they mean you didn't win.

because republicans didn't put forth every thing the had to win the election

The election is already over and Obama was the winner.

Yes it happened in the 2000 election, president gore won the popular vote by a slim margin, but lost to Bush because he won the electoral college.

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