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Did Trinidad beat Germany in world war 2?

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who won in World War 2, between Trinidad and Germany

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They wanted to beat Germany in World War 2.

The Allied Powers (U.S.) beat the Central Powers (Germany) during World War One. Hope this helps, Nix

~ They wanted to beat Germany because Germany was a major threat to Russia's territory.

At the risk of giving you a shock, many other countries fought Germany in World War 2, for example, Britain and the Soviet Union. To Russians the Soviets beat the Germans by capturing Berlin.

Germany lost WW2, they did not beat Britain and whilst they 'occupied' France they withdrew after being defeated by allied forces.

The Axis beat the allies in world war 2. Hitler is germanies god.(and mine) Jewish people get shot in germany.

No. Germany was defeated in World War I.

Hitler started world war 2 and he is in German so the Germans against the rest of the world the way the rest of the world beat germany

No, the last war in Germany was World War 2

Australia fought as part of the Allies that defeated Germany in World War 2. Almost a million Australian soldiers fought in the war, primarily in the Pacific arena, but also on European and African fronts.

Germany was one of the main combatants in both World War I and World War II.

Germany was left banrupt after world war two

No. Germany lost World War I.

American soliders came to Trinidad during the second world war

It was not really the strongest. Do you know why, because the Soviet Union was is the one that beat Germany.

The Allied powers beat Hitler's armies and forced a surrender from Germany.

Both world wars had Germany on one side and Britain, France, the United States, Russia, and China on the other. Differences include the fact that the Russia of World War I was the imperial Russian Empire while the Russia of World War II was the communist Soviet Union. Countries that changed sides include Turkey (for Germany in World War I, neutral in World War II), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (for Germany in World War I, no longer existed by the time of World War II), Italy (against Germany in World War I, for Germany in World War II), and Japan (against Germany in World War I, for Germany in World War II).

Germany was in WW I and WW II.

When the allies Beat Central powers (Germany etc) in Ww1 Germany felt they had been cheated by the allies because a lot of their land was taken. So Germany didn't hesitate for a chance to get back at the allies hence Ww2.

Canada, the US, Britain, and Russia beat Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. Took money, and land away from Germany and created a depression

Japan was not allied with Germany in World War 1. That was world war 2.

Germany and Japan were on the same side in World War II.In World War I Japan was on the Allied side and fought against Germany.

The emperor of Austria was shot in a car. Then russia declared war on them and Germany helped their allied Austria and then France was attacked by Germany too (Why I dont know) And then GB attacked Germany. Then we joined in and beat the crap out of them!

No. World War 2 was started by Germany, but World War 1 was started by internal strife in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After war was declared, Germany and Turkey sided with Austria.