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Q: Did William and Harold believe in God?
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Why did William of poitiers believe that Harold had no right to be king?

cause he did

What did William jennings Bryan believe in?


How does king Harold kill William?

Harold did not kill William. William killed Harold by shooting an arrow in his eye.

Did William Paley believe in God?

William Paley not only believed in God, he thought he could prove that God exists.

Why shouldn't Harold Godwinson be king?

William the Conqueror claimed that Harold swore on holy relics that he would support William's claim to the English throne, but Harold said that he had to under pain of death. I personally believe that Harold was better.

Where did Harold and William come from?

Harold came from England . William came from France

When did William Harold Malkin die?

William Harold Malkin died in 1959.

When was William Harold Malkin born?

William Harold Malkin was born in 1868.

When did William Harold Lee die?

William Harold Lee died in 1971.

When was William Harold Lee born?

William Harold Lee was born in 1884.

When was William Harold Cox born?

William Harold Cox was born in 1901.

When did William Harold Cox die?

William Harold Cox died in 1988.

When was William Harold Hutt born?

William Harold Hutt was born in 1899.

When did William Harold Hutt die?

William Harold Hutt died in 1988.

When did William Harold Clark die?

William Harold Clark died in 1913.

When did Harold William Bennetts die?

Harold William Bennetts died in 1970.

When was Harold William Bennetts born?

Harold William Bennetts was born in 1898.

When did William Harold Dudley die?

William Harold Dudley died in 1949.

When was William Harold Dudley born?

William Harold Dudley was born in 1890.

Who won Harold or William?


What did william do to control england?

william fought with harold because harold had to go to londonn road when harold was in the way

Did William Shakespeare believe that magic came from God?

Nobody knows what Shakespeare did or did not believe.

Why did William fight Harold?

I think this is right. William fighted Harold because Harold got crowned king when William was promised to. so William fighted Harold to be king. nearly but William killed Harold because he was too impationt to wait for Harold to die so he could become king acttually, they fout for land

Where did William and Harold come from?

William came from Normandy France and Harold came from England

What was the reason for Harold Godwinson and William fighting?

Both thought themselves rightful King of England. William sailed from France & invaded, landing in Sussex. Harold marched to give battle. And William believed that god was on his side so it gave him luck