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Yes it did. Many of the women started working in factories to make ammo, weapons, and other army materials

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Q: Did World War 2 have any effect on American society?
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Effects of world war 2 on American society?

World War II had a huge effect on American society. Specifically, Americans had to ration products and make real sacrifices for the war effort.

How did the end of the cold war effect American society?

They might have gotten shot.

What was the impact of World War 1 on American Society?


Was American society able to return to the war it was before World War 1?


What was the effect of the American Civil War on the world?

A cotton shortage.

What effect did World War 1 and World War 2 have on the American economy?

it put us in debt

What was the immediate effect of World War 2 and how did it affect the childrens of World War 2 veterans?

There dads were different and they were not accepted with normal society.

What influence did Nancy wake have on todays society?

Nancy Wake was a famous Australian war hero from World War II. She had an enormous effect on society because of her blindness.

What effect did World War 2 have on American economy?

The economy greatly expanded.

In which region did American participation in World War 1 have the greatest effect?


What did the titanic effect the edwardian society?

The sinking of Titanic had an effect on Edwardian society, for sure, but not for long. That part of the world was soon going to be engaged in the "War to End All Wars".

How was American society affected by World War 2?

Want to know my answer shut up

What role women play in American society during world war 2?


What effect did the boming at hiroshima have on American forces in World War 2?

Hannah gravener did all the fitting in world war 2

What was the effect on Spain that was caused by the Spanish American War?

It lost its New World Empire.

What effect did the Boer war have on British society?

it destroyed the British society

What effect that the Spanish American war have on history?

The greatest effect is that the US victory made it a "world power" for the first time.

What was American society like during World War 2?


What were effect of World War 1?

I am not being facetious: The biggest effect of World War I was World War II.

What effect did the Spanish American War have on American society?

Well you see america didn't care about the war. they just sat on the couch eating twinkies. ok i guess they did't have twinkies but you get where im going with this.

How did world war 1 affect New Zealand society?

World War I had a huge effect on New Zealand society. The Battle of Gallipoli had a casualty rate of nearly 60 percent. With so many men going to war and being wounded or killed, the women had to take over the society.?æ

What effect did the soviet war and civil war have on the Afghan society?

...................... and that is the answer to that my friend :))

What were some effects of segregation on society after World War 2?

Some of the people wanted Segregation and others didnt so i would say that the effect segregation gave to society was not the best effect at all.

How did war bonds affect the American society during ww1?

they helped because they were low int-erst loans by civilians to the government to help pay for the war effect

Did American Progressives favor world war 1?

initially the progressives believed that the war was violent and uncivilized but by the time the United States joined the war, they had realized that the war was filled with many opportunities for American society.