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yes he did. i was browsing the internet when i saw a picture of them kissing in the ocean.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-13 23:28:40
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Q: Did Zac Efron make out with Vanessa Hudgens in Hawaii?
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Did Zak Efron make Vanessa Hudgens pregnant?

No Dude not at all.i will tell you when she get pregnant.

Is Zack Efron dating anyone Who?

Zac Efron is dating Vanessa Hudgens. They even admitted to the fact. They make a cute couple.

Do Joe Jonas and Vanessa Hudgens make good couple?

Not in my opinion! Vanessa Hudgens should stay with Zac Efron forever. They are so cute together! Joe Jonas should clearly be with me...

Did Zac Efron make out with Vanessa Hudgens?

"Make out?" What're you 12? They've had sex lots and lots of times. They were dating, you idiot.

Is Vanessa Hudgens just dating Austin Butler just to make Zac efron Jealous?

No, she really loves Austin.

Did zac efron break Vanessa Hudgens heart or not?

yes he did which is why vanessa is off in Texas avoiding him . he may not returnn for hsm 3 he recently decided to make footloose instead so Kenny canceled hsm 3 . and vanessa hudgens will not be in hsm 3

Would Joe Jonas make a good couple with vannessa hudgens?

No Vanessa is married to Zac Efron as if no they are never ever gonna be together!!

Did Vanessa Hudgens make her third album yet?

No, Vanessa Hudgens has not made her third album yet?

Does Zac Efron still love vanessa hudgens?

yes zac still loves vanessa coz he is always trying to make vanessa jelous. but rite now he is jelous coz there is a rumor that she is dating austin butler.

Is Vanessa Hudgens getting enaged?

not yet, Efron's asked her hand twice, but she said "too young"...resources say they'll make it official in November 2010

Who is more famous Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens?

Zac Efron is much more famous. He became the "it boy" in 2008 and has still managed to stay in the spotlight, he also was in a few hit movies ("Hairspray","17 Again"), and was able to make "17 again" a success on his own, unlike Vanessa Hudgens, whose movie "Bandslam" bombed at the box office.

Vanessa Hudgens lieblingsgetrnk?

Your question does not make sense.

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