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Did black hole have energy?

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a high energy black hole will have an extremely high amount of energy which they will exert from themselves. however these type of black generally have an extremely short lifespan compared to their high mass cousins which can stick around for millions of years.

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Q: Did black hole have energy?
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Why does the sun's energy form a black hole?

The sun's energy has not formed a black hole.

Can energy escape thorght a black hole?

No, nothing can escape a black hole

Is there electricity in a black hole?

No. The only thing "in" a black hole is pure gravitational energy.

What form of enegry come from black holes?

Particles falling into a black hole release a large amount of x-rays as they do so. This is not energy from the black hole itself, but energy release that is a sign of a black hole.

How much energy is in a black hole?

A black hole is a void of gravity which pulls things at such a high rate that light can not even be seen by a black hole no one really knows how much energy is there

Why do they call it a black hole?

A black hole sucks all the mass and energy which passes it, even light. So it's called black hole.

What does black hole does with the energy which it absorbs?

It converts it into gravitational energy.

How are the three types of black holes different?

there is a supermassive black hole, a normal black hole, and a black hole with a quasar which is a superbright beam of light a black hole gives off when it has too much energy

When is a black hole created?

When a star of sufficient mass stops producing energy, it will collapse into a black hole.

What becomes of energy when it is sucked up into a black hole?

Such energy has a mass equivalent (m = e/c2). Any such mass falling into the balck hole will increase the mass of the black hole.

Is thermal energy in a black hole?

Black Holes' emit thermal radiation, radiation is energy and energy is mass.

Is a black hole a field of gravitational energy?


Can positive energy escape from a black hole?

Sorry, no.

What happens when antimatter enters into a matter black hole?

Nothing different than when matter enters, in fact there is no way to tell whether a black hole was formed from matter or antimatter. Once inside the black hole, if matter and antimatter react to make energy, that energy can't escape the black hole either.

Can a black hole swallow another black hole?

Two black holes can merge, or collide, forming a new black hole that has the combined mass of the two (minus any energy lost as gravitational waves).

Does a black hole reflect light?

No, a black hole will not reflect light. A black hole has such high gravity that it bends spacetime into a "hole" that light cannot get out of. Any light energy that crosses the even horizon will follow the curve of spacetime down into the black hole and cannot get back out.

How long does a black hole last?

We don't know how long black holes last, but we do know that the glow seen from outside a black hole carries energy and decreases the black holes mass; eventually destroying the black hole.

How do you kill a black hole?

So far, there is no way to kill a black hole, but, if you had enough dark energy, you could certainly neutralize it.

Wuld you get killed if you went through a black hole?

You don't go through a black hole, you go into a black hole. And with present day technology, yes, it would crush you to raw energy.

How many atoms are in a black hole?

Zero. Black holes don't contain atoms or matter; rather, all the matter that helped to form the black hole and that falls into the black hole is converted into pure gravitational energy.

What is a quasar and what does it have to do with a black hole?

A quasar is a galaxy that is radiating massive amount of radioactive energy. A quasar MAY have a black hole at it's center. A black hole is just dead star that collapsed in on itself.

Does the Emc2 equation apply to a black hole?

Yes. Energy that enters a black hole, such as light, becomes part of its mass.

How does the Hubble use light energy to operate?

In the black hole of death

How does a black hole get smaller?

Stephen Hawking once came up with an argument that black holes aren't completely black, but they emit small amounts of radiation. Since the energy that produces the black hole comes from its mass, the black hole gradually shrink. In fact, the smaller the black hole, the faster it shrinks due to this radiation.

What happen to the stuff the black hole sucked in?

For black holes that last more tham a second, It forever becomes part of the black hole. The short lived ones smash everything to energy then bleed off that energy as Hawking radiation.