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Q: Did carolyn keen go to school?
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Is carolyn keene the author of Nancy drew a real authour?

No! Carolyn Keen is a pseudonym for many writers.

When and how did carolyn keen die?

Carolyn Keene died on May 28, 2002 in Toledo, Ohio. Her real name was Mildred Wirt Benson. She died from complications due to lung cancer.

What book would you recomend for a book report?

If you like a mystery book with suspense on your bookshelf I would have to recommend the book 'The Secret of the Old Clock' by Carolyn Keen. Carolyn Keen writes many other mystery books but this is the book that I read for a book report and it was manageable to complete by the due date and fun to write about too.

Is Charlotte Jackson single?

She's seeing Doug Keen. I used to go to school with him. Lucky boy!

When was carolyn keen born?

Carolyn Keene never existed so she could never have been born. This name was a pseudonym used by the book company, the Stratemeyer Syndicate for producing the 'Nancy Drew' books and more.

Where did carolyn keene go to college?

Carolyn keene did not go to collage because she does not exist!!!

What nicknames does Carolyn Stotesbery go by?

Carolyn Stotesbery goes by Carrie, Carolyn Stotes, and Stotes.

What is the name of the very first Nancy Drew book?

The secret of the old clock by carolyn keen i love Nancy drew i am on number 40

What nicknames does Carolyn Burrows go by?

Carolyn Burrows goes by Shannon.

What nicknames does Carolyn Raimondi go by?

Carolyn Raimondi goes by Connor.

What nicknames does Carolyn McLaughlin go by?

Carolyn McLaughlin goes by Cazza.

What nicknames does Carolyn Nicole Johnson go by?

Carolyn Nicole Johnson goes by Carolyn Nicole, Carrie-Lynn, and Carrie.

Who wrote Nancy drew book number 24?

Carolyn Keen writes all of the Nancy Drew books trust me I've read them all!

What nicknames does Carolyn Hardin go by?

Carolyn Hardin goes by Sparky Coconut.

What nicknames did Carolyn Churchman go by?

Carolyn Churchman went by Den Mother to the Decent.

Where did Carolyn Keene go to school?

There were actually a dozen or more authors and collaborators on the Nancy Drew books and other series "by the author of Nancy Drew."

What nicknames does Carolyn McDermott go by?

Carolyn McDermott goes by Lulu, Slimmy McD, and McD.

What has the author Carolyn Joyce Anderson written?

Carolyn Joyce Anderson has written: 'Role expectations of the high school librarian as perceived by librarians, principals, and teachers' -- subject(s): School libraries, School librarians, Standards

Where did Carolyn Goodman go to college?

Carolyn Goodman went to Bryn Mawr College (BA)University of Nevada, Las Vegas (MS)

What nicknames does Carolyn Murphy go by?

Carolyn Murphy goes by The Blond Haired Gene Tierney (Elle magazine, and 1998).

What has the author Carolyn Feazel written?

Carolyn Feazel has written: 'Remembering Bayliss--' -- subject(s): Bayliss School (Harrisburg, Ill.), History

Can rabbits go up stairs?

if there keen

What has the author Carolyn Fink written?

Carolyn Fink has written: 'On call' -- subject(s): School nursing, Nurses' writings, American, Nurse and patient

What are the release dates for Spotlit with Carolyn Cable - 1999 University Film School Films 1-6?

Spotlit with Carolyn Cable - 1999 University Film School Films 1-6 was released on: USA: 15 February 2004

What has the author Stacie Carolyn Golin written?

Stacie Carolyn Golin has written: 'The price of school readiness' -- subject(s): Education, Preschool, Finance, Preschool Education