Did cavemen have bars?

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Beer and wine, because of their high carbohydrate content, were a source of nutrition when other foods were not available. Beer was more of a household staple, but was enjoyed at holidays and festivals in many societies over time.

I highly doubt it. However, it is still possible that they made alcohol and drank it with their friends.

Wine is one of the easier things to make, and occasionally prison inmates make it behind bars. So cavemen could have certainly made alcohol. Fruit contains sugar and is often covered with yeast. Both of those are ingredients needed to make alcohol, along with water. Mead is also simple to make, since you would use honey, water, and yeast.

Ancient peoples had crude containers for storing wine. Sometimes they were bags made from animal skins, or they were bottles made from clay -- with cork or other soft wood to use for a stopper. Whether this applied to cavemen is another story.
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What did cavemen do for fun?

the things that they did for fun were very simple like walking in someone elses footprints, a common one is cave painting or following myths.

What did cavemen eat?

Whatever they could find that was edible - meat (anything they could hunt, including Mammoths), fish, fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, and more. A mixed diet much as today - but probably not cooked.

When did cavemen exist?

Most people consider Neanderthals and "cavemen" as synonymous, although of course this is not really true. Modern humans ( Homo sapiens sapiens ) have also lived in caves, as did more primitive hominids if suitable caves were available. According to Christopher Stringer and Clive Gamble ( In Search ( Full Answer )

What did cavemen wear?

Cavemen wore animal skins for protection and warmth. The learning of making clothes took a very long time to learn but as this became more of a reality , little by little the making of clothes was learned.

How did the cavemen live?

Cavemen, also known as Homo troglodytes, lived very primitively.They lived during the Paleolithic era or Stone Age. They used caveas temporary dwellings or seasonal shelters and were often on themove to hunt for food.

How did cavemen communicate?

they would communicate by grumbles to regularly talk and cave drawings to tell where they were going just in case they dont come back

Did cavemen dance?

They might have danced when they were happy, or when they huntedmammoths or other extinct animals.

What did cavemen live in?

Their name implies they lived in caves. However, they were also known to live in animal hide tents as they traveled following the animals they relied on for their food and clothing.

How did the cavemen die?

I'm not too sure how cavemen died but maybe because of wild animals like sabretooths.. I'm not too sure how cavemen died but maybe because of wild animals like sabretooths.

What did cavemen do?

Cavemen discovered fire and learned how to control it. They used it to cook the animals they hunted this is one of the ways cavemen survived. Cavemen also used fire to keep warm.

How old are cavemen?

"Caveman" is something of a Victorian idea; there is little evidence that early humans lived in caves - just as nowadays, practically no humans live in caves.

Are cavemen real?

Yes they are real, well, they were real. Cavemen died out a long, long time ago. Scientists have been able to uncover fossils and evidence of their existence.

How did cavemen hunt?

finding weapons . and making weapons . p.s ask people you know daaaa . also someof these answers are wrong

What do cavemen eat?

Nothing. There were no cavemen. The skulls and bones they find today that they say are cavemen are just humans with mutations. The elephant man was born in the 1800s. His skull was huge and abnormal. If they found his bones they'd probably want to say hes a caveman or the missing link. Amnormal bone ( Full Answer )

When were cavemen around?

"Caveman" is something of a Victorian idea; there is little evidence that early humans lived in caves - just as nowadays, practically no humans live in caves. Answer: The notion that there was an "age" of cavemen is more of a product of evolution, with its faith, beliefs and teachings of "ages" ( Full Answer )

Did cavemen have pets?

They did not have pets like you and me.They had different pets that are extinct or unknown.

Who came after cavemen?

"Caveman" is something of a Victorian idea; there is little evidence that early humans lived in caves - just as nowadays, practically no humans live in caves.

Is there such a thing as cavemen?

yes there are a such thing as prehistoric men and woman No, they didn't discover any evidence leading to this conclusion.

Where did cavemen sleep?

Well, during the different times (historically) but ironically, the name gives a straightforward answer. Indeed they slept in caves, natural occurring "caves," many were huge openings in mountains that the "cavemen" found shelter in because back in the time of cavemen, the only thing that mattered w ( Full Answer )

Where did cavemen come from?

they came from primates such as bonoboes, chimpanzees, gorillas, lar gibbons, and orangutans. thoes apes came from lemurs, old world monkeys, new world monkeys, and other primates Wow, this answer needs soooo much work I am not sure where to begin You have the germ of the idea correct (Evolved) bu ( Full Answer )

What did cavemen paint with?

The Cavemen usally used there fingers as a paint brush. They used berries and plants as paint.

Do cavemen exist?

No they do not. There has been sightings of prehistoric humans but it has not been proven yet. Therefore no they do not exist.

What did cavemen hunted?

they hunted wilder beast and many more food they could find. bone was the most popular food in the Savannah.

What religion were cavemen?

Nobody knows for sure, but we have found some drawings and carvings that seem to show they worshiped gods and goddesses of nature.

Where did cavemen originate from?

they originated from apes. the apes lived in jungles but because of climate change the jungle vanished. So they had no use for walking on all four legs so they walked upright because it wastes energy walking on all four legs and then they evolved and then they basically became us

When were cavemen alive?

Cavemen were never alive. they never existed. there is no such thing. cavemen=figment of fiction, farce, fluke, stupid, down right not real. evolution is crap. don't believe it. 4 millionBC-2millionBC (Sorry its a guess based on accurate sources sorry if im wrong im not darwin ;))

Where did cavemen get their food from?

Cavemen were what is called hunter-gatherers: That is they hunted for animals & gathered food such as berries, nuts, vegetables & fruit.

When were cavemen on earth?

"Caveman" is something of a Victorian idea; there is little evidence that early humans lived in caves - just as nowadays, practically no humans live in caves.

Did cavemen farm?

Yes. Cavemen also domesticated animals including sheep, horses, and cattle. Farming got its roots in prehistory.

Why Did cavemen dance?

This begs two questions; were there actually cavemen? And what makes you think they danced? Starting with the first part; caveman is something of a 19th, early 20th century stereotype. Few scientists working in the field would refer to "cavemen", mainly because there isn't much evidence that earl ( Full Answer )

How old are the cavemen?

Most anthropologists consider cavemen a rather old fashioned term; there is little evidence that early hominids lived in caves. However, early man certainly visited caves - there are cave paintings in France and Spain that date back 32000 years.

How did cavemen get married?

He would often steal a woman from neighbour country and tie her hands and feet so she won't run away and once he knew she would stay, he would free her from binds but tie around her finger to remind her who she belongs to which the idea of engagement and wedding ring came from.

What was the religion of the cavemen?

The religious beliefs of cavemen Existing long before the days of organized religions, it was most likely cavemen did not worship anything. The concept of 'worship' is something organized religions invented as scheming men began to exploit the mystery

How did cavemen paint?

Cavemen found lots of different ways to create artwork. They painted on walls and pieces of stone by using things such as berries that when smashed created different colors.

Did cavemen have music?

yes they did, they invented a primative for of acoustic guitar , with several strings , tied around mammooth teeth , and strung tightly , .... also they strecthed skins onto a rough circular shape assembly of bones to create a earl;y form of drum device , and they used pieces of bone to act ( Full Answer )

What did the cavemen believe?

Shamanism goes back to very early pre-historic times. Early cave paintings (such as those in the famous Lascaux caves in France) are thought to have some shamanistic purpose, such as to magically attract game through the law of similarity. But there is very little solid information about what cave ( Full Answer )

Did cavemen have religion?

No. Because that was B.C. times, witch means Before Christ!;Before GOD was even thought of.

What comics have cavemen in them?

Theres quite a variety to choose from, From Captian Caveman, toMarvel Premere featuring Devil Dinosuar and Moon Boy.

How cavemen communicated?

Cavemen communicated through a sophisticated system of quantum transporters through which they sent encrypted messages. Quantum transporters often leave colored marks on walls if used in enclosed areas. These are called "paintings" in the scientific community. It is pure coincidence that the paintin ( Full Answer )

Are cavemen monkeys?

Not except in the same sense that modern humans are monkeys. The phrase "cavemen" doesn't really have a precise biological definition, but it's usually used to mean "primitive humans". Sometimes it's stretched a bit, and might be used to refer to any species in the genus Homo, or possibly even genu ( Full Answer )

Are cavemen inventors?

yes. Becuase they invented the very first writings, they made tools like hammers, and carving tools

Did cavemen have hygiene?

Most Likely not they didn't have toothbrushes,deoderant,etc. so they probablly had poor hygene at the most.

Did cavemen have myths?

Cavemen were a highly undeveloped species. They are the ancestors of modern day humans. Cavemen usually lived in modern day china and grew beans to keep themselves alive. Due to the fact that we do not have any brain tissue samples or historical evidence filed, this question is rather unanswerable a ( Full Answer )

How do you know that there were cavemen?

You know that there were cavemen and women because of archaeological finds within caves. Cave drawings often included pictures of the people who lived in the caves and gave modern people an idea of the tools and animals that were used by the cave dwellers.

When was cavemen here?

The prehistoric cavemen lived sometime between two million and two thousand years ago. This was during the Paleolithic Era extending from two million to 10,000 B.C.

Are cavemen prehistoric?

Prehistoric times pertains to the era before written records werecreated. Cavemen are considered a part of this era.

What was the clan of the cavemen?

Are you thinking of Clan of the Cave Bear? That was the first novelin a great series of novels by Jean Auel. It is loosely historicalfiction based on what we know of prehistoric times, and shespeculates about the possible connections between human andNeanderthal groups.

Did cavemen have education?

Yes and proof of it can be found on the walls of some caves that are thousands and thousands years of age.

How do cavemen travel?

On foot. By the way: Hollywood has given us the impression that thevery early humans often lived in caves. But in reality, there wasno such thing as a 'caveman'. The caves were mostly in use asceremonial gathering places and early man usually lived in simplehuts or tents.