Did chien shiung Wu invent the atomic bomb?

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No, the people apart of the Manhattan Project did.
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Who invented the atom bomb?

During WW2 this was done under the Manhattan Project. There was a large team of scientists, the chief one was Dr Robert Oppenheimer. . Professor Rudolph Peierls and Otto Fri

Who invented the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb?

Leo Szilard invented the atomic fission bomb in 1933 inLondon while crossing a street. He applied for a patent on it in1934 and was granted that patent (GB630726) in 1936, at

Who is Chien Shiung Wu?

\nChien Shiung Wu is a famous Physicist a succeeded in many great accomplishments so many I cant list them all here! Try to go to http://www.csupomona.edu/~nova/scientists/art

Where did chien shiung Wu work?

I believe she worked at Smith College, Princeton University, and Columbia University. She worked as a physist.

In Chinese Chien-Shiung means?

It is the given name of a Chinese translated through Wade-Giles system. For example, the famous Chinese-American physicist is Chien-Shiung Wu (吴健雄), the 'Chien-

Did Chien-Shiung Wu get married?

Chien-Shiung Wu got married to another physicist named Luke Chia-Liu Yuan. She had met him at the University of Berkeley,where she received her Ph.D. in physics. In 1947, she
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Did Chien Shiung Wu work with another person?

Chien-Shiung Wu worked with various other people. You can verifythis by searching scholar.google.com or by visiting her page onwikipedia.
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When was Wu Chien-lung born?

Wu Chien-lung was born on 1988-09-05.