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How many casualties did the Allies suffer?

It appears you need to provide more information...the Allies over history had casualties in wars large and small. Feel free to edit the answer for more specifics, and someone will answer it appropriately.

How many casualties did the Japanese suffer after the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan?

More than 100,000 people were killed instantly.

Did Adolph Hitler hate communists?

Hitler hated the communists more then anything else

Who had more casualties in the civil war?

The North had more casualties but the south had a greater percentage of the total population killed.

How did Harold godwinsons's army suffer against hardrada?

They didn't much, seeing as they won. However, they did take more casualties than they would have liked which contributed to the eventual defeat of Harold's army at Hastings

Which axis country suffered the most casualties?

In World War 2, Germany suffered more casualties than either Italy or Japan. Only Russia and China suffered more casualties than Germany.

How many deaths were there in the Battle of Cambrai?

The British had more than 55,000 casualties, and German casualties are estimated at 45,000.

Who had more war casualties the north or the south how many more did they have?


Do more men than women suffer from Alzheimer's disease?

More females suffer from it, and die from it than men.

Why does a underedevolped country suffer more from earthquake?

They can't afford to have earthquake proof buildings and so suffer more

What are the four battles of the civil war?

There are more than 4, but here are a few recognizable ones: 1.Gettysburg(57,225 casualties) 2. Shiloh(23,746 casualties) 3. Bull Run(4,700 casualties) 4. Antietam(22,720 casualties)

What is the Greek word for 'suffer'?

There are at least three. It depends on what kind of suffering you are talking about. Suffer= ypofero, pascho suffer a blow= pathaino nila suffer from= ypofero apo I'm not sure if there are more. υποφέρουν

Are more likely to suffer from bulimia and anorexia nervosa?

Women are more likely and most people from ages 11- 19 are more common to suffer either bulimia and anorexia nervosa, but adults can suffer from these eating disorders too.

How many casualties were there in World War 1?

Many countries were involved in World War 1. The casualties of the United States were 321,000. The casualties of Austria-Hungary were 4,820,000. For the French Empire it was 5,651,000. Then Germany had 5,952,000. Great Britain had 2,367,000. Italy had 1,407,000 casualties. The casualties Russia had were 6,650,000. (see the related link for more information)

Why do vegetarians suffer?

vegetarians are more likely to suffer because they don't eat a balance meal

Was Chang Kai-shek more concerned with the Japanese or the communists?

First the Japanese, then the communists; one take's care of a task, "one bite at a time."

In what way did fascists differ from communists?

Communists wanted to spread communism around the world while fascists were more concerned with their own country. Good Luck!!

What was the biggest war with Mexico?

You mean with highest number of casualties? That would be the Mexican Revolution (1910 - 1921) with more than 1 million casualties.

Did slaves suffer more or did jews in the holocaust suffer more?

The implied comparison is misleading. The aim of the Holocaust was mass murder. That was not the aim of slavery.

Battle for 3 days that killed more than 50000 men?

Gettysburg, but there were not 50,000 killed, there were 50,000 casualties. Casualties is killed AND wounded. Usually about four wounded for every one killed outright. Some of the wounded will die later, but most will recover, though perhaps not be able to fight any more. So probably somewhere around 10,000 were killed immediately, a few more thousand would die of wounds or infection later, the rest would suffer horribly but eventually live on.

Who suffers from the headache more?

It depends on which type of headache you're referring to. There are many kinds including: Women suffer from more Migraines. Men suffer from more Cluster Headaches.

What evidence did Joseph McCarthy present to prove that communists indise the US did more to spread communism around the world that Communists abroad?

He claimed to have a list of Communists and their actions, however this was never seen and neither was any other concrete evidence presented.

Are mothers of multiples more likely to suffer postnatal depression?

Theres multiple facotrs that can come into account but yes, mothers with more children are more likely to suffer postnatal depression.

Why are smokers more likely to suffer from chest infections?

Smokers are more likely to suffer from chest infections. This is because they are pumping tar and toxic chemicals into their chest.

How can a certain area suffer more damage in earthquake?

A certain area might suffer more damage in earthquakes. It is because that area might be near the epicenter.