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he lked to sail and do things with christerpher columbus

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Q: Did juan ponce de leon like any hobbies in his life?
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Did juan ponce de leon have any conflict in his life?


Where did Juan ponce de leon live most of his life?

San Juan Puerto Rico

What were the major accomplishments of Juan Ponce De Leon's life?

discovering florida naming florida

Where did Juan Ponce de Leon spend his later life?

He had no Golden Years. He died in 1521.

How many voyages did Juan Ponce De Leon make all his life?

I think 3 or 4

Why did Juan Ponce De Leon search for the fountain of youth?

He wanted to become famous and was initially obsessed with everlasting life.

What were some of ponce de leon's accomplishments?

Ponce de Leon had many accomplishments during his life. For instance, he governed Puerto Rico, he gave Florida it's name, and he helped settle the island of San Juan.

Did Juan ponce de leon go to college?

No. He didn't. Have that advantage in his time. He was lucky to be able to read and write. His station in life determined his education .

How did Juan Ponce de Leon interact with Native Americans?

I'm pretty sure he didn't. He went in search of the Fountain of Life, and them he might have met the Indians.

The life removed by Luis Ponce de Leon?

The Life Removed by Luis Ponce de Leon was written about choices and their consequences. The poem talks about how wealth and power do not bring happiness.

Was juan ponce de leon educated?

Very Little is known about his early life, but it seems that he was a member of a distinguished and influential noble family.So you can take it for granted that there was some formal education given.

What are the symbolized of the life removed by Luis de leon?

The Life Removed, written by Luis Ponce de Leon is a poem about symbolism. The poem represents life choices and the consequences from them.

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