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Did leif ericsons have any skills?

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Sailing, navigation, combat, leadership, were some of the skills Ericson poseesed.

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What were leif ericsons skills?

Navigation, sailing, and choosing the right parents.

What is leif ericsons homelaned?


Who is leif ericsons mother?


Is Lucky Leif Leif Ericson?

leif ericsons nickname is lucky leif It wasn't lucky leif, it was leif the lucky

Where did Leif Ericsons voyage to?

North America.

Where did Leif Ericsons journey begin?


Who was leif ericsons father?

Erik the Red.

What is Leif Ericsons nationality?

He was a Viking from Iceland.

When was leif ericsons death?

In the year 1020.

What was the name of leif ericsons uncle?


What is Leif Ericsons son?

Leif Ericson had a son called Thorkell Liefsson

What was leif ericsons path of exploration?

Leif Ericson explored from Greenland to get to the Americas

What is leif ericsons middle name?

He didn't have one.

Who were leif ericsons parents?

Erik the Red and Thjodhild.

What was Leif Ericsons purpuse of his journey?

To spred christavity

Where did leif ericsons land his ships?

Newfoundland, Canada.

What was leif ericsons sons name?

Thorkell Leifsson.

What was Leif Ericsons reason for exploration?

at age 24' leif was asked to captian his first voyage

What was leif ericsons sisters name?

Leif Ericson's sister was Freydis Ericsdottir and this is Shiolo Dart

What were Leif Ericsons goals?

To find new lands to colonize.

How long did leif ericsons journey take?

69 days

Who were leif ericsons king and queen?

His king was Olaf I of Norway.

When was leif ericsons first exploration?

In the year 1002 or 1003.

When did leif ericsons trip start?

In the year 1002 or 1003.

How did leif ericsons mom die?

she died cause of suicide

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