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Q: Did lightning hit a tree at the Caylee Anthony memorial?
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In the lightning thief what did Zeus turn hid daughter Thalia into as memorial fir her bravery?

A pine tree

How do lightning harm the tree?

Lightning harns a tree by harming the roots of a tree and that affects how the tree grows

Is Dollar Tree open on Memorial Day?

=Yes, dollar tree is open on memorial day, every memorial day!=

Is Dollar tree opened Memorial Day?

=Yes, dollar tree is open on Memorial Day, every memorial day!=

Why is it dangerous to stand under a tree when there is a lightning?

Because lightning is attracted to high points, like the tree. You might get electrocuted.Because the tree could act as a ground to the lightning and it could kill you.If the lightning strikes the tree than the tree might fall on you!!!

Why is a tree not safe during lightning?

Lightning tends to strike tall objects such as trees. When lightning does strike a tree it can kill or injure people and animals underneath it.

How does lightning split trees?

The lightning superheats the water within the tree causing it to violently expand and split the tree open.

What is the blasted tree?

a famous painting of a tree that has been struck by lightning

What type of tree is most commonly struck by lightning?

Oak tree

How does lightning kill a tree?

when lightning strikes a tree, the bolt goes down the trunk, and possibly can reach the center of the tree making the tree die. and then it leaves a BIG black spot on the tree where the bolt striked.

Where does lightning strike?

Lightning strikes the highest point first, whether it is a lightning rod, tree or telephone pole.

Can lightning travel through a tree?

yes it can

Will you be safe from lightning if you stand under a tree?

No, sometimes the tree acts a lightning rod, and the human below gets hit by falling branches.

Is it more likely for a person to be struck by lightning while standing below a tall tree or a short one.give reason?

Below a tall tree because lightning usually strikes the tallest point. If you are beneath a tall tree, the lightning will be pointed in your direction.

Safety when lightning car or tree?

Car because if a lightning hits the car the energy goes around the car but the tree can't absorb the energy

If you are caught outdoors in a thunderstorm why should you not stand under a tree?

You could get hit by lightning or the tree can fall on you from winds or hit by lightning and catch fire.

What was carried by Zeus?

His symbols were the lightning and the eagle (and oak tree). He is usually depicted with a lightning in his hand.

Can lightning striking a tree knock it down?

yes it can

Where does lightning go when hitting a tree?

It goes into the ground.

What happens if lightning strikes tree?

the tree would be badly damage it can cut almost the whole tree in half or the whole tree

Your tree was struck by lightning will it die?

That depends on the power of the strike, not all trees die after a lightning strike.

What Should You Never Do In a Lightning storm?

Never stand under a tree, it can get hit by lightning, and you can get hit too!

Do you use the tree for shelter?

Depending on the weather, a tree can certainly be used as shelter. If it is a hot day and you'd like to escape the sun, you can take refuge under a tree. However, it is raining and there is lightning, it is not advisable that you take shelter under a tree as the tree might attract lightning.

Was it true that the first charcoal was made by lightning and a tree?


Will a tree burn for firewood after being struck by lightning?