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This is one of the Horror stories of WW2. If people were taken straight from the transport train to the gas chambers, they no doubt thought they were just going to the showers, but, if they had been taken to the main camp, and then at a later stage were removed during the 'selection' system, then I am afraid they KNEW!!

There is the story of a Rabbi who was on his way to the Chamber with hundreds of Women and Children, who prayed to God, and Said something to the effect; "God, if you are real, save my people from this horror" Then, as the 'shower' doors closed on him and his people, he was hear to shout, "You are not a True God, you do not exist, it's all been a lie!!" and then the doors closed, and the gas entered.

This story, with the name of the Rabbi was told by people who were still alive when the Russians entered this Camp in Poland, and shows the true horror of all this.

The next question that could be asked, is just how could people do this, to other human beings? There is no true answer to this!

We, in our 'safe' lives, would say, " I would not do this, I would refuse!" But think about it? Would you refuse, if it meant you were pushed in with these poor people? WELL, MAYBE some of us would! But many of us would just do what we were told to do.

The sad thing about this is, that after the second or third time you did this, you would start not to even think about it anymore.

Which is why, nothing has changed in this World. The same things are being done right now in many parts of the World, though not in the same massive numbers.

History tends to repeat it's self, and if you read History, you will find many incidents of this nature, people killing other people, and in the past in very large numbers.

Only the Methods changed. In WW2 Science was used, not the sword as in the 'old' days.

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Q: Did people know when they were sent to gas chambers?
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What kind of people were sent to the gas chambers?

Women, children, disabled, sick and elderly people

What happen to Jews religion in world war 2?

they were sent to camps either to strarve to death or sent in gas chambers. they were sent to camps either to strarve to death or sent in gas chambers.

WhAT did the jew have to do in the concentration camps?

Work. If Jews did not work, they were sent to gas chambers. Or, if no gas chambers weren't in the camp, they were shot or sent to Birkenau to be gassed.

Why did Hana Brady get killed?

She died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. All children where sent straight to the gas chambers.

Were non Jews sent to gas chambers?


What were the horrors of the Holocaust?

Hitler sent the jewish people to concentraition camps and killed them for no reason in gas chambers.

What happened when the Jews were unloaded?

Most were sent to Gas Chambers.

How did the gas chambers kill people in the Holocaust?

The chambers appeared to be showers, but what came out was not water, but gas. People inhaling the gas died.

How were people tortured?

people were sent to gas chambers, got medical experiments done to them, and got hung from their hands and beaten and attacked by dogs.

Why were the Jews terrified of Hitler?

Probably because he sent them to gas chambers.

Why did Elie Wiesel lie about his age and occupation?

He lied so he could stay together with his father and not be sent directly to the gas chambers. Note* his book mentions nothing of the Gas chambers....which is suspicious...90% of people who passed through Auschwitz claim there were gassing chambers and that they did NOT burn people alive as Elie Wiesel claimed...

What happened to elderly and ill people sent to concentration camps?

Because they are ill and old they would not be able to work. They were most probably sent to the gas chambers after their arrival at the camps.

Did Nazis ever get sent to Gas Chambers?

no, they were generally executed by different methods

What happend in the Nazi death camps' gas chambers?

In the Nazi death camps' gas chambers people were killed with poison gas.

Why was Aushwitz so famous?

Auschwitz is famous because of it's History, which was the mass kilings of Jews. Aischwitz was one of the only few Concentration Camps which used Zyklon B gas in the Gas Chambers. The Gas Chambers were where Jews and other people who were sent their to be killed. It takes about 20 Minutes for the people to die in the Gas Chambers once being exposed to the Poiseniouse gases, which were ntered through the roof and into the piping system.

When the prisioners got to the Concentration Camps what was done to them?

Those men and younger females capable of working were sent to labor camps. All old people, sick people and children were sent to the gas chambers and murdered

How did Hitler carry out his final solution?

He sent millions of people to concentration and extermination camps where they were either worked to death or were killed in gas chambers.

Why were kids sent into gas chambers during te holocaust?

everyone was sent. Children would have been sent if they were Jewish or if they were gypsies.

What happened to Jewish prisoners who were NOT considered fit enough to work?

They were sent to the gas chambers.

What happens to prisoners who are not fit to work in the concentration camps?

They were sent to the gas chambers and died.

What is the point in gas chambers?

The Holocaust was a very scary time for the Jews. The gas chambers werement to make them suffer, and kill them. --- The point of gas chambers was to kill large numbers of people quickly.

Why were people put in gas chambers?

To kill them

How were people gassed in the holocaust?

they were put into gas chambers, and the gas killed them

What happened to the men in concentration camps?

First, if they were to old or young or sick, when they got of the trains they would be sent to the gas chambers straight away. After they became to old or sick while working at the camps they would then be sent to the gas chambers or they would die of starvation.. It was a sad time and many people died :'(... R.I.P

What were the concentration camp gas chambers like?

The gas chambers were where most people in the concentration camps would meet their deaths. When people were sent into the gas chambers they were forced to take off their clothes and it got very crowded with hundreds or even thousands at a time. They would then release this gas called ZYLKON B which would kill people in a number of minutes, but they left them in for a couple of hours. Then prisoners would have to remove the corpses body into the crematorium where the body and flesh would be burned into ashes.

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