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Did religious groups live in new york in the 1600s?

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yes, but new york was extremely diverse and allowed religious freedom.

2010-12-31 15:59:17
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Where did most people live in new york in 1600s?

i dont give a dam thing

What is a slogan for New York in 1600s?

Don't be a dork come to New York

What were the religions of new york in the 1600s?

free religion

Who was the governor of the New York in 1600s?

aundrey jacson

Who was in charge of New York during 1600s?

The Dutch

What were the different religious groups in colonial New York?

Church of England and Dutch Reformed but that base spread as immigration increased.

Conflicts New York had in the 1600s-1700s?

The conflicts were...

Religion in 1600s in new york?

the religion is free in 1788

Life During the 1600s and 1700s for new york?

it was hot

What did new york look like in the 1600s?

In the 1600s New York was still mostly wilderness and wetlands. It was full of oak, hickory and chestnut trees. There were also grasslands and salt marshes.

What is an accurate explanation for the political turmoil the late 17th and early 18th centuries in New york?

New York was composed of many different ethnic and religious groups.

Did Colonial New York have religious tolerance?

yes, actually, they did. Originally New York was a Dutch colony. When the British colonist took over they brought the Anglican Church. While there is no official document proclaiming religious toleration, they remained very lax and it is probable that by the time of the revolution there were several different religious groups in the New York colony.

What was the food and jobs like in 1600s colonial New York?


Who found new york and when?

The city and area were founded and settled by the Dutch in the 1600s.

What city grew from the Dutch capital New Amsterdam in the 1600s?

new york

What kind of climate did new york have in the 1600s?

smells like cheez - dawm

Did New York as a colony have plenty of land in the 1600s?

Dont know what it is help

New York history?

New York was first settled by the Dutch in early 1600s. It was the 11th state on July 26,1788

How was the governor of New York appointed in 1664?

the governor of new york in the mid 1600s was peter stuyvesant. he was mean =P

What were the occupations and lifestyles for those at the top of the social scale in New York in the 1600s?


Who first claimed what is now New York in the 1600s?

the first one to claim it was the british

How did ethnic groups sustain their identity in new york colony?

Groups made sure to keep their native language, religious affiliation and traditions alive when they immigrated to New York City. New residents gravitated to neighborhoods where their countrymen were in abundance and many aspects of their native cultures were kept alive.

How were slaves treated in the 1600s in New York?

is you go on and type in 'slave's in the 1600's new york that will give you a lot of answers.

What is the weather in New York during 1600s in winter and summer?

they were freezing there cohines off. XD

Which region would have featured the most diversity during the late 1600s and 1700s?

new york