History of England
Century - 1600s

What was England called in 1600s?

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What was the main religion in 1600s in England?

England was mainly a Protestant country in the 1600s.

Tensions between Protestants and Catholics in England in the 1600s?

Yes. It's called the Reformation.

Who was the Queen of England in 1600s?

my arse

What was the main religion in England in the 1600s?

tianity was the main religion of England

Where was calvinism in the 1600s?

scotland, england, and france

Were did most people live in the 1600s?


Which best explains why English settlers colonized New England in the mid-1600s?

to practice their religion

What queen ruled England in the 1600s?

elizabeth 1

What is the transport in England in 1600s?

stagecoach (horse and carriage)

When and where did the puritans live?

They lived in America and England in the 1600s.

What was a cultural movement that started in England in the 1600s?

The enlightenment

What country had a constitution monarchy by the end of the 1600s?


What was England housing like in the 1600s?

They ate scones

What kind of jobs did people in England have during the 1600s?

The job that people in England had during the 1600s were mostly rural. Many people worked in various forms of farming.

What was happening in England in the late 1600s?

people believed in witches

What did women do in the 1600s in New England?

They cook sew clean.

Who was the king of England in the early 1600s?

James the first was king

Why Europeans Came To New England?

religious persecution in the 1600s

What type of government did the northern New England colonies have in the 1600s?


What were settlers in the early 1600s searching for in New England?

gold and silver

In the 1600s puritan New England family structure?


What was the relationship with the English Colonies and Engalnd from the 1600s to the 1700s?

new England was were people from England settled in during the 1700s.

What was the newspaper called in France in the 1600s?

The first French newspaper, printed in the 1600s, was named "la gazette".

What two European countries claimed Canada in the 1500s and 1600s?

france and England

What was first applied in the 1600s to English protestants who dissented from the Church of England?