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why do you ask? if its an apartment bulding it could be the same bulding where a still to this day unsolved murder happend at there was a web site about it and i cant find it. i think it happened in the 60's and the found her body in a oil drum off of montrose harbor.

I was reading your question and saw the response about the web site that could not be found...

Well, I just found it.

Here it is...

Hi, I actually e-mailed the people at the web site I provided in my last post. I let them know that you were inquiring and gave them the link to your question on faqfarm.

I checked the distances from the addresses that are listed on their investigation information and your building is about 3 miles or so away.

Who knows, though? If you read the case, they never really concluded anything as to where the murder occurred, or who committed the crime.


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Q: Did something terrible happen in the basement apartment of 2732 W Thomas many years ago?
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