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Did tanks cause any deaths?

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Q: Did tanks cause any deaths?
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If smallpox has been eliminated worldwide then why do they continue to cause 10's of millions of deaths?

Smallpox does not cause any deaths. Other preventable diseases cause deaths.

Did hurricane bob cause any deaths or injuries?

It caused either 17 or 18 deaths

How much deaths did mt erebus cause?

As an active volcano, Mt Erebus has not caused any deaths.

How many steroid related deaths in 2007?

Up to this point there have not been any deaths documenting the cause to be steroids.

Deaths caused by drinking?

Drinking alcohol in moderation does not cause any deaths. However, abusing alcohol results in an unknown number of injuries and deaths.

What was the main cause of death in 2009?

Deaths from cardiovascular diseases accounted for more deaths than any other cause (with cancers being the runner-up).

How many deaths are caused by artichoke every year?

It is not known how many deaths are caused by artichokes every year. It is possible that artichokes do not cause any deaths.

How many deaths were caused by tanks and artillery in World War 1?


How many car deaths have been attributed to marijuana use?

My research indicates there have been no deaths from any cause directly attributed to use of marijuana.

What is the most frequent cause of horse deaths?

The most frequent cause of horse deaths is colic.

Did the eruption of mt etna 2002-2003 cause any deaths?

only one

Did hurricane Isaac cause any deaths?

Yes Hurricane Isaac killed about 40 people.

How many deaths can one hurricane cause?

I've heard that a hurricane can cause over thousands of deaths

What were the most cause able deaths in 1990 to 2006?

what were the most cause able deaths in 1990 to 2006

Why do tsunamis cause thousands of deaths?

because they flood thousands of peoples' homes and cause widespread destruction, deaths are cause by debris and drowning.

What is weather that can cause property damages and even deaths?

Thunderstorms and bushfires are the ones that cause property damages and deaths

What can cause the most of the injuries and deaths from tornadoes?

Most deaths and injuries in a tornado are cause by flying or falling debris.

Do Hawaiian Monk Seals have any enemies?

Sharks cause many deaths of Hawaiian Monk Seals.

How many deaths and injuries do tornadoes cause?

Each year tornadoes cause an average of about 55 deaths and 1500 injuries.

Which is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the US?

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the US. It kills over 400,000 Americans annually. Obesity is second at about 300,000 deaths.

How many deaths does a tiger shark cause?

20 to 500 deaths a year

Can hypothermia cause deaths?

sure can

Hippos cause how many deaths per year?

Hippos cause 2,900 deaths per year. Source:;

How many deaths do plastic bags cause each day?

They typically cause 156,000 deaths a year divided by 356 =? do the math

What is the leading cause of caner-related deaths?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States