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Did the Allies or Axis win World War 2?

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The Allies won. Strange question.

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No, the Allies won World War 2.

Germany did not win World War II. The axis powers, including Germany, were soundly defeated by the Allies. However, the Allies assisted the Germans to rebuild their country following the war.

Yes, that is why we are all speaking German. Serious answer: No. The allies won.

World War two was a major war in human history. It lasted about 6 years, many countries were involved. Mainly divided into Allies and Axis. The Allies side won the war.

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

Code breaking was a significant part of World War II because it helped the Allies win over the Axis.

A.Allied soldiers were better trained than Axis soldiers. B. Axis soldiers were disloyal to their leaders. C. The Allies had more people and a larger industrial capacity. D. The Allies did not have to fight a two-front war.

The Allies took over Berlin on May 6, 1945, beating the Nazis.

They pushed the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy) all the way back to their capitals and occupied their countries.

Assuming you mean WW 2 ... it was because the US could out-produce all the rest of the world - especially the axis powers.

They helped the Allies win the war.

The Allies, which are America, Great Britain, France, and more, won World War I.

The German Allies surrenedered because they want peace, and then the allies killed them all.

both the allies and axis forces were tired and had low morale. When the us entered the war, they had brought new supplies to the allies forces in Europe and boosted morale. The us troops were not tired and weary. They had high morale and boosted the allies fighting strength. This led to many victories for the allies and eventually the allies won the war

Numbers and/ or weapons. Plus industrial power of weapon and ammo production. The U.S. outmatched all others in terms of industrial power of the Axis-powers and much of the other allies COMBINED.

Britain and the Allies won World War II

The Allies , along with Britain , won the Second World War .

Literally speaking, yes.

FDR wanted the US , along with it's allies , to win the Second World War .

The United Kingdom was one of the Allies that won World War II.

The operation let the Allies win world war!

The country who helped the Allies win WW2 was the USA. Later on in the war, the dropping of the atomic bomb in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, president Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. Then the USA joined the Allies ,with the battle of D-Day, and defeated the German Nazis. The US left the war a little earlier before the actual ending of WW2. If it weren't for the US, the Allies would have lost to the Axis.

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