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There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

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Q: How did the Axis Forces win World War 1?
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Related questions

Did the Axis Powers win in World War 2?

No, the Allies won World War 2.

When did England win World War 2?

It didn't. The UK was just one of the many countries that formed an alliance to defeat the Axis forces in 1945.

What world event did VE day mark?

VE day makes the victory in Europe in World War Two. It makes a time where the Allied forces were able to win the battle in Europe and push back the Axis forces.

Why did Hitler win World War 2?

Adolph Hitler leader of the German people and armed forces did not win the war. It was the Allied Forces that beat Germany into surrendering.

Did the Allies or Axis win World War 2?

The Allies won. Strange question.

What was the singificance of Sicily during World War 2?

It showed the Axis-Powers that they were badly outmatched in the war and that they could not win.

Did the axis win the World War 2?

Yes, that is why we are all speaking German. Serious answer: No. The allies won.

How did Tuskegee Airmen help win the war?

they helped win war over racism at home and axis, but not the actual war.

Did Germany win world two?

Germany did not win World War II. The axis powers, including Germany, were soundly defeated by the Allies. However, the Allies assisted the Germans to rebuild their country following the war.

How did the USSR win World War 2?

The USSR didn't win World War 2 on its own. It needed the combined forces of the USSR, US and the British Empire to defeat Nazi Germany.

Why was code breaking significant in World War 2?

Code breaking was a significant part of World War II because it helped the Allies win over the Axis.

What are the axis powers strategies for world war 2?

Basically, the Axis power strategy was to win and dominate the world. Thankfully, they failed and, in 2017, let us hope that no other country tries to take over the world!

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