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Did the Axis Powers win in World War 2?

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No, the Allies won World War 2.

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How did the Axis Forces win World War 1?

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

What was the singificance of Sicily during World War 2?

It showed the Axis-Powers that they were badly outmatched in the war and that they could not win.

Why did Argentina declare war on the Axis in World War 2?

I believe that the government at that time, wanted to side with the Axis powers, however, they remained neutral. Later on the war, it was looking like that the Allied powers were going to win, so I believe that's why.

How did women helped in World War I and 2?

By filling in for men in factories that were very hard at work producing weapons and ammunition for the war effort to win and beat the Central-Powers in World War 1 and beat the Axis- powers in World War 2.

Did Germany win world two?

Germany did not win World War II. The axis powers, including Germany, were soundly defeated by the Allies. However, the Allies assisted the Germans to rebuild their country following the war.

Why were the allied powers important?

The major allied powers of World War 2 were the US, Britain and Russia. The alliance was important because none of the countries would have been able to win the war against the axis powers on their own.

Did Greece win World War 2?

Greece was allied with the Allied powers. So when the Axis powers lost, then the Greeks technically won with the aid of the other allied countries.

What are the axis powers strategies for world war 2?

Basically, the Axis power strategy was to win and dominate the world. Thankfully, they failed and, in 2017, let us hope that no other country tries to take over the world!

Did the allied powers win world war 2?

The Allied Powers did win WW2 in 1945.

What were the war aims of the Allies?

They wanted to beat the U.S, Russia, France, and Britain. But the allied powers beat the axis powers. Germany, and Italy then joined the axis powers and they tried to win the last war...............................but then it all happened when the allied powers won...yes

Did the Central Powers or the Allied Powers win World War 1?

The allies won the war

What did Allies win in World War 2?

They pushed the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy) all the way back to their capitals and occupied their countries.

If japan and Germany had fought world war 2 who would win?

They were in World War 2. They were the Axis Powers but if they face each other I would have to say German. They had excellent warfare, weapons, and soldiers.

Why the Allies were able to win the war?

Assuming you mean WW 2 ... it was because the US could out-produce all the rest of the world - especially the axis powers.

In the Fireside Chat after the attack on Pearl Harbor, how does FDR increase Americans' confidence in the ability of the United States to win the war against the Axis powers?

He explains how the U.S military has become stronger since World War II first began.

Did the allied or axis powers win the war in the balkans?

I believe it was the Allied Powers. I've been trying to find the anwer to this question as well, and I've found that everything just says that the bulgarians were defeated in this war. The bulgarians (Germans) were of the Axis Powers. So, the Allied Powers must have won.

Why could Germany not win against England in World War 2?

Germany was not fighting only England in world war II. Germany, along with the axis powers, was fighting the allied powers.The allied powers had greater resources in manufacturing and manpower.To coin a phrase, it bit off more than it could chew.

How did the axis powers win World War 2?

The Axis powers (Japan, Germany, and Italy) actually did not win WW2. The War started looking brighter for the Allied powers after the midway war. They one by one took out Italy, Germany and finally Japan. After the US used a second atomic bomb on Japan (killing or wounding 80,000 people in Nagasaki) Japan finally surrendered. Surrender ceremonies were conducted by General MacArthur on the Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

Did the Axis Powers win World war 2?

No. It would have been impossible for them to do so. Even if Japan hadn't hit us really hard on December 7, 1941, we would have entered the war sooner or later and basically said 'ENOUGH'. The Axis-powers, as really any evil alliance would, didn't really get along once they saw things not going their way. Long story short, the Allied powers won World War 2.

Did the axis powers win the battle of okinawa?

No but was recaptured after we retreated.

How did Winston Churchill expect to win World War 2?

With the news of the US's entry into WW 2, Winston Churchill was confident that the power of the Axis nations was doomed. He believed the application of overwhelming force that the US would bring to the war would defeat the Axis powers.

Did the Allies or Axis win World War 2?

The Allies won. Strange question.

Did the allies or the central powers win world war 1?

The Allies, which are America, Great Britain, France, and more, won World War I.

Did the axis win the World War 2?

Yes, that is why we are all speaking German. Serious answer: No. The allies won.

How died the allies win the war in world war 2?

Numbers and/ or weapons. Plus industrial power of weapon and ammo production. The U.S. outmatched all others in terms of industrial power of the Axis-powers and much of the other allies COMBINED.