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Did the Bill of Rights replace the Articles of Confederation?


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no. the constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation

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No. The Bill of Rights did promise rights and freedom for the citizens of the states but not the Articles of Confederation.

George Washington was Commander in Chief of the army. He was not present when the Articles of Confederation was written. James Madison realized that the Articles of Confederation were fatally flawed and wrote the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights to replace the Articles of Confederation.

The top answer says: "No, this is why the Constitution was such a revolutionary idea."One problem with this answer is the Constitution was not ratified with a bill of rights either... but it was amended relatively quickly (Constitution ratified in 1789, and 10 amendments ratified in 1791).

No, the Articles were completed in 1783. The Constitution was approved in 1788. The Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution in 1792.

The articles of confederation and the U.S. constitution?

The articles of confederation failed to do its duty and therefor the bill of rights took its place

The Articles of Confederation were not specific enough. Until the Constitution was written and the Bill of Rights were added, states such as Virginia refused to sign.

the articles of confederation lacked of a list of protected individual rights. the solution was to the add rights that protected the right to "life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness" which are what we call now "Bill of Rights".

The Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution because it included the Bill of Rights.

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there was no bill of rights to state specific rights for the people

The declaration of independence =1776 Article of confederation = 1781 The constitution = 1787 The bill of rights = 1791 (I think that's about right) Thanks this is on my HomeWork and i couldn't get it =)))) how did the articles of confederation fail to fufil the ideas of the constitution?? HELP!!

Bill of rights doesn't have articles but amendments. There are 10 in the Bill of Rights.

It lasted for such a short period of time because the nations leaders deemed it ineffective and decided to replace it with the Constitution, followed by a Bill of Rights.

To revise or create a new Articles of Confederation. ..... from jamie question was that with or without a bill of rights

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