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Cherokee Indians

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What was the advantage of canals

How did the laws of Georgia affect the Cherokee

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Q: Did the Cherokee change their lifestyle to reflect white American standards?
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Did the Cherokee Indians change their lifestyle to reflect white American standards of time?

the cherokee lifestyle was very dependent on community

What does the diversity seen in fruits reflect?

The lifestyle of plants.

What is the second method the GASB uses to establish standards?

Keep standards current to reflect changes in the governmental environment.

How does art affect and reflect lifestyle?

Art reflects and affects lifestyle in the sense that art often imitates life. In other words, books and movies are often similar to real life situations.

How did the Cherokee tribe's clothing reflect the area where they lived?

because it helped them stay warm all thru the winta

Why is understanding evolution necessary to understand human anatomy and physiology?

To grasp how the body has changed to reflect the new lifestyle of the human existence

Which cultural influence came from the black power movement?

changing names to reflect African heritage

How did egyptian religious beliefs reflect their lifestyle?

Egyptian religious beliefs reflected their lifestyle because most of their time spent was something to do with death or gods. They spent most of their time building pyramids for dead people and statues for gods.

How did American literature begin to reflect American culture?

Because Americans began to use American settings and culture

What do us foreign policy priorities reflect?

United States foreign policy priorities reflect American political values.

How do Followers of Jesus make healthy lifestyle choices and decisions that reflect the true freedom Jesus offers?

By faith in Him. "whatsoever [is] not of faith is sin." (Romans 14.23) Also -"And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;" (Colossians 3.23) The followers of Jesus have true freedom indeed in Jesus and do reflect it in our hearty and holy lifestyle.

Which of the following best describes the sequence in which guidelines reflect increasingly higher standards of conduct on the job?

the law , ethics,professional courtesy

How is it that American foreign policy objectives in the 1850s began to reflect the growing sectional divisions in the country?

The foreign policy of the United States is the policy for which the United States interacts with foreign nations and sets standards of interaction for its organizations, corporations and individual citizens. The U.S. is highly influential in the world.

How did American art of the early nineteenth century reflect American values of the period?

Artists conveyed the power and beauty of the American landscape.

How do American reflect nature?

by looking out the window with another burger

In what ways did the elections of harding and Coolidge as presidents reflect American's changing mood?

it changed american politics

How does A Raisin in the Sun reflect the American dream?

I mean they were American and they had dreams which were reflected.

What is the role of Congress in American Society?

1. To what extent does the membership of Congress reflect the diversity of American society?

What did the American renaissance in literature reflect?

a move toward egalitarianism and reform

What aspects of culture in Pacific South America reflect Spanish influence and what aspects reflect Indian heritage?

Because they are Creoles, American born descendants of Euorpeans.

On Ethic cases what influence interactions in the relationship between the victim services professional and the crime victim?

Ethics is the articulation of standards of behavior that reflect values and morals

How does jazz reflect American society?

Jazz is the only truly "American" music. It is a mixture of Afircan beats, with Western inlfluences.

What dominant American value does the hunger games reflect on?

Media and superficial-ism.

Do The members of congress reflect a cross section of the American people why or why not?

No, the members of congress reflect the white man's world, filled with rich, white, men whom are lawyers.

How did music reflect American interests in the early to mid 1800s?

I have no ideacm c f