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Free masons were established approximately 150 b.c

The Knights Templar were established during the middle ages approximately 1120 a.d.

But, no.

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Within the Masonic Family there are what are called different "Rites." After becoming a Master Mason in a "Blue Lodge" you can join (in the USA) the "York Rite." Part of the York Rite is an order called a Commandary in which you receive 3 orders culminating in the candidate being metaphorically knighted a Knight Templar. You then get the Masonic title of Sir Knight. This knighting is symbolic only and does not mean you are actually a Knight Templar. Some Masonic historians believe that the Knights Templar may have had a roll in forming what has become modern speculative Free Masonry but this is only a theory and no evidence exists the confirm the connection between the two.

President Washington belonged to the Free and Accepted Masons who are sometimes referred to as "free masons".

Baphomet is what high ranked elder free masons worship

There are a lot of conspiracy theories on this question, but you might be reffering to the Free Masons, The Priory of Sion or the Knights Templar.

Are the Ancient Order of Foresters associated with the Free Masons ? Thank you.

She is the free-est of masons

Yes. The Knights Templar were Germanic, the originated as a Christian religious order of Knights who fought in the Crusades and they were originally from the Western portion of Germany near the Rhine river. Towards the end to after the crusades, a few of the members of the Knights Templar moved into France, and expanded the order to France. The Knights Templar originated from the Teutonic order of Knights, and the Knights Hospitaller who were both famous, yet powerful, Christian groups who were from Germany. The Knights Templar still are around today but are referred to as just "Templars" or "Free Masons."

Most of the men in the founding of our nation were Masons. Washington, Franklin, Adams, Paine were all Masons. Since they were part of the founding of the United States and were involved the revolution that is what the Masons had to do with the war.

No, Catholics are forbidden, under the penalty of excommunication, from joining the Masons.

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Freemasons are freemasons because they choose to be. They are free to be masons or not as they choose.

ancient,free and accepted masons

California lodges of free and accepted masons

Free stone masons and templars

No,Free Mason is true but bad is the world-wide rumors about free masonry.

Nothing but people's imagination.

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yes she is .. But i think she left them .. Cuz in her new song '' wide awake '' you can read the lyrics and if you know about the free masons you will get it ,suddenly she's back watch the "dark horse" if you know about the free masons.

Hazing is strictly prohibited in a Masonic Lodge.

A good reference for a background to the masons os the documentary New World Order: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy

I do not believe that there are laws on the books preventing someone from joining the Knights Templar. However, the Templars as an organization were generally destroyed when the Grandmaster was killed in France in the 1300s. While the Templar members have merged into the Swiss Guard and the Free-Masonic Orders, they have likely dropped the name Templar to define themselves.

The Freemasons are a society that originated in the Middle Ages. They are called 'free' because they had obtained journeyman's papers and so they could travel freely wherever they wanted in search of work. Today, not all masons are called freemasons and not all freemasons are actually masons by trade.

Gangs have been around for thousands of years, many have long since passed. The Free Masons seem to be the longest running gang in the world. Dating back to 1200 A.D. the Free Masons have controlled the religious and political sects of England, France, Italy, and the U.S. Every president this country has had was a member of the Free Masons.

I don't understand what Dark Knight your refering to. The closest I can think of is the Death Knight which is free. (From the Necropolis)

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