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Did the Incas trade with other tribes?


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Yes they did they traded crops and flowers and many more of their products for money


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yes they traded buffalo with other tribes

Yes they did Trade with others

The Incas traded with other people of the local community. The Incas relied heavily on Nature. They planted corn and other crops.

The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were the Native Americans! Yes, they fought with and conquered many of their neighboring the Native American tribes.

because they had little contact with the Mayas and Aztecs

The Incas hunted Deer squirrels and many people in there tribes for food

the seminole tribes,incas,mayas,and aztecs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They would trade metal, knives, fish, and other things other tribes couldn't get.

The Inuit did trade with other tribes. They traded fur, meat, dolls, guns, sleds, fish, and food. They trade because it improved how they lived. The Inuit also traded their technology/tools.

Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador that came upon the Inca empire and its riches in gold. Pizarro set out to destroy the power of the Incas by kidnapping the Inca leader and killing them. The Incas had to put many other Native American tribes under their control to become an empire. With their weapons and the help of the Tribes against the Incas, Pizarro was able to crumble their empire.

The first people to settle in Colombia were the Mesoamericas, Incas and many other small tribes.

the shoshone traded with other tribes to meat their needs

textile was the second largest item of trade for the incas. they never cut it because it was valuable

Yes, they traded stones and shells.

The Incan Empire had a system of roads and bridges that was useful for trade with other local communities.ÊHowever, the Incas did not have an extensive trade economy.

they traded weapons,fashon,tabaco

Crops, and other things were traded between tribes.

Because the honey trade was so prevalent in South America in the time of the Incas, they required storage devices for their honey trade.

The Incas were fairly self-sufficient and trading was not a necessity. However, they did trade gold, silver, and cow leaf to the imperial capital, Cuzco, and other goods with local communities. They had no need to trade among themselves, so trade was always with outsiders. They sometimes traded their time, labor and knowledge for essential goods.

Yes they did with the cherrokees they would trade food and clothes

The tribes that fought the Incas included the Mapuche and the Shuar. The Spanish were the Inca Empire's final enemies. They took their land and stole their goods.

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