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yes. But I don't know if it's actually the queen in their YouTube video

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When are the Jonas Brothers really coming to Australia?

December 09 I cant wait. Can i met u Jonas Brothers??????? Now they are coming in April 2010

Have the Jonas Brothers ever met a fan that they really like and would date?

Not yet.

Jonas Brothers Oprah?

The Jonas Brothers have met and been on Oprah's show

Have you met the Jonas Brothers at a concert?

no i have not actually but i do really want to meet nick no i have not actually but i do really want to meet nick

Why has Barry Manilow met the Jonas Brothers?

Barry Manilow has met the Jonas Brothers because they were at the Clive Davis awards and they were also interested in meeting him

Was danelle delesa a fan of the Jonas Brothers?

Nope. She didn't even know who the Jonas Brothers were when she met Kevin.

Did Justin Bieber meet Jonas Brothers?

yes, Justin bieber met the Jonas brothers at a Paris airport.

How did the beadles meet?

they met in the Jonas brothers garage

Have the naked brothers ever met the Jonas brothers?

i don't think so

Have the Jonas brothers ever met the Naked Brothers Band?

Well since all celebrities tend to go to award shows and other celeb functions, the Jonas Brothers and the Naked Brothers band have probably met.

Did the Naked Brothers Band meet the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers probably have met the Naked Brothers Band but, the internet doesn't have any history of them meeting.

How did Demi Lovato met Jonas brothers?

she met them after getting the part in camp rock

Has One Direction met the Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas met them when he was at the X-Factor studio. I'm not sure if Kevin and Nick did.

When did Jonas brothers and demi meet?

they met at camp rock

Do the Jonas Brothers love Morgan Nielsen?

The Jonas Brothers have no information about Morgan Nielsen.They have never met so there is no way that they can love her.

Why has Rod Stewart met the Jonas Brothers?

becuse Rod Stewart went to the Clive Davis awards where the Jonas Brothers were also at

Can you send the Jonas brothers a tape i wrote a song for Nick Jonas and really want to record it and send it to him bout don't know if i can or not?

yes you can send a tape of you singing to the Jonas brothers. I know this because I have met them and I know they will love your voice. Rock on, Jill

Who was Selena Gomez dating before she met Justin Bieber?

Joe Jonas from 'The Jonas Brothers'

Does Vanessa Hudgens hang out with the Jonas Brothers?

Not regularly but she has met them before.

Where did the Jonas parents meet?

They are brothers so they obviously met at birth.

Are the Jonas Brothers how they appear on tv?

I think so, because they seem like normal boys! I have a friend that met the Jonas Brothers and she said that they act the same way as on tv, selfless and normal! I love the Jonas Brothers!

How do i meet the Jonas brothers if i live in Hamilton and the Jonas brothers don't come here ever and really wantto meet them?

You wil have to go to a concert near Hamilton, But if you realy want to met them face to face you will have to get a greting pass or a bakstage pas.

Has anybody ever met the Jonas Brothers in person and how much did you pay?

I've met them and i payed totally nothing! :)

Is tokio hotel and Jonas brothers friends?

They've met once but that isn't friendship.

Does Justin Bieber know Jonas Brothers?

Yes Justin Bieber does know the Jonas Brothers. They have met several times and are good acquaintances. Justin said in one interview that he thinks he could take on the Jonas Brothers in a fight and win... I highly doubt it ;)

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