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Given that the victors write history and the catholic church pretty much pwned the templars so hard that it could be considered an epic headshot, it would be impossible to know the truth.

A better question would be; What is the "True Meaning" of a book that had multiple authors with conflicting stories and none of it yet verified by science?

Roman Catholic AnswerOf course not, the Pope is Christ's Vicar on earth and the earthly head of the Church. It was the Church which wrote the Bible and approved it, as we have it today, in councils in the fourth and fifth century - and approved by the Popes. The Knights Templars were a religious order of the Church approved by the Popes and under the Rule of St. Benedict. Problems arose, there was an investigation by commissions in the Pope's name and the Templars were suppressed. Their property was given to other Knight Orders who were not under suspicion. The question above is an example of rewriting history gone wild.
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There is no credible historical evidence to suggest that the Knights Templar blackmailed the Pope with the true meaning of The Bible. The downfall of the Knights Templar was primarily due to accusations of heresy and political motivations by King Philip IV of France.

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Q: Did the Knights Templars blackmail the Pope with the true meaning of the Bible?
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