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The Red Hot Chili Peppers only released "Save the Population" on their Greatest Hits CD(2003). There was no single for this song.


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Its called the "Red Hot Chili Peppers." Funny, huh?

Originally pepper used to come from south africa. Today south africa grow a type of peppers called the sweet peppers which only come from africa.

No, but in some locales (the southwestern US, for example), bell peppers are called mango peppers. The mango is the fruit of a large tree, while peppers grow on relatively small bushes.

Moving out of a population is called emigration. (Moving into a population is called immigration.)

There are several varieties of green chili peppers available throughout the world, each having a different scientific name. The family of peppers is called Solanacea and the scientific name for what gives peppers their heat is capsicum.

The song Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers was released on their 7th studio album called Californication. The record was release on June 8, 1999 and included other hits like Otherside and Around the World.

The main "spicy" ingredient in chili peppers is a chemical called capsaicin and several related compounds called, collectively, capsaicinoids.

The inventor had a dr. named Dr.Pepper. He liked his daughter, to impress the doctor he named the drink after him. He did end up dating the girl.

There are so many different varieties and uses for chili peppers. There is a great site called Whats Cooking America, they list many varieties. Along with types of peppers that also offer recipes that you can use them in.

its called alliteration for example, peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

A recipe for stuffed green peppers can be found online at a website called All Recipes. Alternatively, one may purchase a cook book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon featuring ideas of ingredients to stuff green peppers with.

Yes there is ... 'Left End' ... it's Julius Peppers' position...

The term peppercini (pronounced pepper-chee-nee) is often used for the peppers called peperoncini or pepperoncini, the US name for a variety of mild hot peppers, sometimes pickled.

They have already started using it in a pain relief medicine for arthritis, called Capzacin. The chemical from peppers that is used in the medicine is called capsaicin. There are other brands of medicines it is used in also, for pain relief.

There are several things called peppers.The fruit of plants of genus Piper or Capsicum are all referred to as "peppers" (actually, Piper fruits are usually called "peppercorns"; black pepper is the dried and ground fruit of the Piper nigrum plant).

The large population of bacteria is called syndrome.

(Chilli) Peppers contain a substance called capsaicin, the more capsaicin, the hotter the pepper.

The latest CD is called stadium arcadium (y)

No, there are many different kinds of hot peppers, but only one of them are called jalapenos.

Peppers have a chemical in them called capsicum that creates a "hot" feeling when ingested.

It is called Capsaicin which is a lipophilic chemical that produces a strong burning sensation.

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