Did the US create the atomic bomb?

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Yes, although both the Germans and the Japanese were working on it.
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What jobs were created in the US when the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945?

Answer . \nThe biggest area of job creation in the US as a result of the end of the war was the construction industry. The end of the war resulted in hundreds of thousand

Why was the atom used in the atomic bomb?

because atom, when split become highly unstable, and in whats called nuclear fission, atoms are divided inot smaller ones, and that on a large scale is devestating.

What was Einsteins theory that was used to create the atomic bomb?

E= mc 2 . Because the atomic bomb contains an abundant amount of energy, and E stands for energy, used for the explosion. Which is because the atomic bomb contains a small pi

What does the US create to beat the atomic bomb?

While there is no perfect defense against the atomic bomb, the US has at least attempted to create antimissile defense systems that can shoot down missiles before they arrive

Why did us create the atomic bomb?

To destroy its enemies in order to end WW2, without it the war would have gone on a lot longer and more lives would have been lost.