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Did the US ever fight in Cambodia?

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What happened in Cambodia?

in Cambodia there was a fight a very small fight between a man and his dog. This is what happened in Cambodia (shortened version)

Is Cambodia a part of the US?

The Asian nation of Cambodia is independent of the US .

Who is the Ambassador to the US for Cambodia?

Hem Heng is the Ambassador to the US for Cambodia.

Has Cambodia ever hosted the Olympics?

Cambodia has never hosted the Olympics.

Did a US president ever visit Cambodia?

Yes, President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the U.S., visited Cambodia in 2012. He was the first American leader to do so.

What nation tried to fight tanks with spears?


Why did the US want to help Cambodia?

Because Cambodia is a developed country. And Cambodia is a poor country,and US wants to help poor countries.

Has it ever rained in Cambodia?

It rains quite often Cambodia, especially during monsoon season.

Why did Japan start the war with Cambodia?

Japan never started war with Cambodia, they just came to control Cambodia. They did invaded Thailand, but they didn't invaded Cambodia. If they invade, they might had to fight against France because Cambodia at that time was also under control of France.

How much plan ticket from US PA to cambodia?

There are cheap flights from US PA to Cambodia that go for as low as 865 US dollars.

Would Iraq ever fight with the US?

yes.don't you know about the war about the us vs the Iraq

Where is toy r us store in Cambodia?

theres no toys are us in cambodia there is only toys and meand monument books and toys

How far away is cambodia away from US by plane?

From Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Washington DC, US it is 8957 miles (14414 kilometers)

Who had more bombs dropped on them cambodia or laos?

Cambodia had more bombs dropped on them than Laos during the Vietnam war. North Vietnamese solders would retreat into Cambodia and attack from there. Finally the US bombed North Vietnamese bases in Cambodia. They also established supply bases in Cambodia. Finally the US bombed the supply bases and supply lines into Cambodia.

How many of Cambodia people deaths were during US - Kambodia war?

See website on Cambodia.

How many people died in cambodia in Vietnam war?

Over 500 US Servicemen were killed in Cambodia.

Did the US fight alongside japan?

No, i sware they didnt. Who ever changes this is autistic and stupid

Which US president invaded Cambodia?


What countries did US fought against in Vietnam War?

French No -- the US did not fight agains the French in the Vietnam war. The primary antagonist was North Vietnam, but troops and irregulars from Laos, Cambodia and China were all invovled.

What is the GDP of Cambodia?

The Gross Domestic Product of Cambodia is $8.69 billion US Dollars. (2007 IMF statistics).

Who will win between Cambodia and Thai war?

Between Cambodia and Thailand:Thai has better weaponsCambodia has better effortThai might has US aidCambodia might has Chinese aidThailand may win as villainCambodia may lose as godThailand has high class armyCambodia has low class army(Cambodia will use old army for Khmer Rouge)High class people and low class people fight: which side put more efforts, which side has no fear, which side care more about damage, which side has more generous soul, WHICH SIDE HUNGRY FOR LANDS?

Does Naruto ever fight Guy?

No, Naruto doesn't ever fight Guy.

Who did Vietnam fight after the US?

Just some neighborhood disputes with Red China, Laos, and Cambodia. Fairly minor in scope, however the former NVA/NVAF came out on top in all of them.

What happened in the US when the invasion of cambodia was revealed?

The people of US got mad.

Why did the US pursue the Viet Cong in Laos and Cambodia?

The US primarily pursued the NVA in Laos and Cambodia. The NVA had two regiments of armor (tanks) stationed in those countries. The VC were fairly restricted to South Vietnam and a COSVN headquarters in Cambodia. The VC had no armor. The invasions of both Cambodia and Laos (1970 & 1971 respectively, were to disrupt the enemy's supply lines as a prerequisite to the US withdrawal).