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Did the United states help Mexico ?

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What season is it in Mexico if its spring in the US?

Mexico is also on the Northern hemisphere, so it will be Spring in Mexico when it is spring in the US.

What is so bad about Mexico that they want to migrate to the US?

Mexico is an LEDC and US is an MEDC, you do the math.

How did the Zimmerman telegram lead to us entry into World War 1?

It was a secret telegram from Germany to Mexico, saying Mexico should go to war with the US and reclaim land lost from the Mexican-American War, and that Germany would help Mexico. It angered US that Germany was trying to hurt US so US declared war against Germany.

Is Mexico a country if so what is the capital?

Yes; don't confuse it with New Mexico, which is a US state. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

How did Mexico and the US help each other from 1862-1867?

The US was involved on its own Civil War (1861-1865) and couldn't provide any help to Mexico; at the same time, Mexico was fighting against a French invasion (1862-1867) so it couldn't provide any help to Unionists. Once the Union won the American Civil War, it helped Mexico repel the French forces by providing diplomatic and financial support, including sales of arms to the Mexican side. The US didn't get involved militarily in the Franco-Mexican War.

Why did the Battle of Stalingrad cause Stalin to resent Great Britain and the US?

They were allies and were suppose to help eachother but they didnt help Stalin when needed so he resent them.

When it's Winter in the US is it summer in Mexico?

Mexico is in the Northern Hemisphere so when it is winter in the U.S. it is also winter in Mexico.

Why did they make so many Mexicos?

There are only two of them: the country of Mexico - the original - and New Mexico, a territory acquired by the US from Mexico.

Why was Montezuma ii so important?

cause he is the king of ruling south mexico

Is it a long way from Mexico to us?

No, the two countries share a border, so it's literally no distance at all from Mexico to the US as a whole. Some points in Mexico are a considerable distance from some points in the US, of course.

What dispute between the US and Mexico led to War?

Mexico wanted Texas and so did the us and ps find it yourself next time poeople

What was the German proposal of an alliance with Mexico?

Germany wanted Mexico to fight with the u.s. so the u.s. wont help the allies.

What Treaty was signed so that Mexico gave California and New Mexico territory to the US?

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

What can the US do to be more involved in NAFTA?

The U.S. can help protect Canada and Mexico from any other important countries. It is important to do this so that none of the countries get involved in a problem.

Is us dollar worth double in Mexico?

I don't think so

Why is energy so importan to us?

energy is important to us because it help us run play do our school work and everthing. and it help us provide food to eat sometimes it can help by the sun cause the sun help grow plants so that we can pick off trees and the rain provide energy by watering plants instead of letting us do it so that why all these things are so helpful to us and are all called energy. it is so helpful to us because cause its a great capicity of a system to do work or a jet carrying passenger an a baby carrying bones cells there are two type of energy its kinetic energy and potential energy kinetic energy is like examples; a girl riding on a bike is called kinetic energy. and potential energy is like examples; someone standing still without moving. these are all the types of energy.

Who paid for the US Mexico border?

The border is just there, nobody "paid" for it. Mexico sees no need to enforce the border but the US tries to prevent illegal crossings from Mexico, so if you are asking about who pays to enforce immigration laws across the border, then it is 100% the US.

Why was Britain so eager to inform the US about the zimmerman note?

The Zimmerman note was a telegram from Germany headed to Mexico saying basically they would help Mexico invade and take over the United States, this was to detour America from Aiding their European allies

How do a doctor help us?

They help us by checking up on us, and there are doctors that can save your life, so be grateful for a doctor

Describe the events leading up to the battle between Mexico and Texas?

mexico gave the us land to "borrow" and the us wanted to keep the land so when mexico came to retrive the land we sent the us military over and we ran in to the mexican military and we started fighting. we won(obviously) so we declared it TEXAS

Do you need a passport to travel back into the US from Mexico?

yes i think so

Why did Texans fight for their independence from mexico?

Mexico didn't allow them to own slaves so they fought. After that Texas asked the US to annex them which the US did and Texas entered as a slave state.

What inspired patricia to write lupita manana?

in order to help their mother pay for a loan, what did lupita and salvador have to do? they had to go cross the border of Mexico and us to go get jobs so they could help their mom pay back the loan.

Why did linda chavez immigrate to the US?

Linda Chavez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and so has not immigrated to the US.

What germ cause this disease?

Specify the disease ,so that i can help