Did the VaanDans live through the war?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Did the VaanDans live through the war?
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Which wars did Theodore Roosevelt live through?

Theodore Roosevelt lived through the US Civil War, the Spanish American War and WWI.

Did Diane Sawyer live through any wars?

yes she lived through the Vietnam and the Korean war.

Did Agamemnon live through the Trojan war?

He died when the Greeks invaded troy.

Did Elizabeth Blackwell live through the whole civil war?

Elizabeth Blackwell was forty years old when the Civil War started. She was 45 when it ended.

What war did Anne Frank live through?

The war was World War II, but she didn't actually survive it. She died a prisoner in Bergen Belsen concentration camp, of typhoid in 1943 or 1944.

Did Abraham Lincoln live through WW1?

Lincoln died in 1865; World War One started in 1914.

When was War Live created?

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When was War Live - album - created?

War Live - album - was created in 1974.

When was Live Through This created?

Live Through This was created on 1994-04-12.

Was World War 1 the most terrifying war ever?

well this is a question that can not be answered . of course it was a terrifying war to be in , but so was every other war . we will never know that answer because to find this out we would have to live through every single war . and most of the people from the 1st world war are now dead :( r.i.p

When was Gods of War Live created?

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What is a war called that is fought among people who live in the same country?

A war among people who live in the same country is a civil war.