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Did the greek god apollo have any children?

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Is there a myth about Apollo the greek god?

There are many myths of Apollo, from his birth to the birth of his children.

What was the greek god Apollo god of?

Apollo was the god of the sun and music. He was the twin brother of Artemis. He was one of Zeus' many children.

What did Apollo the greek god do?

The Greek god Apollo was the god of the Sun.

Who is the Greek god protector of children?

Apollo protected boy children and Artemis protected any child at birth, and girl children until marriage.

Who would the Greek god Apollo be in 2011?

Being a Greek god, Apollo is Apollo in 2011.

Did Apollo the greek god have affairs?

Apollo was never married, but had many children and lovers. So, yes.

Who is the greek god of music?

Apollo is the greek god of music and poetry. Apollo is.

What was the Greek god Apollo famous for?

what was Apollo greek god most famous for

How did Apollo the Greek God die?

Apollo is a Greek God, they are immortal. They do not die. Hence, Apollo has not died.

Who is Apollo the greek god?

Apollo is the god of the sun.

Info on Apollo the Greek god?

Apollo is the sister of Artemis goddess of the hunt, children and child-birth. Apollo is the god of prophecy, art, music, poetry, and sun

Who are the kids of Apollo the Greek god?

Asclepius, Troilus, and Aristaeus are Apollo's children

How many children does Apollo the Greek god have?

These three: Asclepius, Troilus, Aristaeus.

What it the Greek god Apollo the protector of?

Apollo is the music and sun god of greek culture

Is there a chronological birhday for the greek god Apollo?

No, there is no chronological birthday for the Greek God Apollo.

Is Apollo dangeruos?

Yes, as any Greek god or goddess is.

Is Apollo Roman or greek?

Apollo is Greek god not Roman.

Why was Apollo a Greek god?

Apollo was a Greek god because he was from Greek mythology and was the son of Zeus (a god) and Leto (a titan goddess).

What is Apollo the greek god of?

He is the Greek god of the sun.

How did Apollo become a Greek God?

Any god born of two gods is a god him/herself.

Who are the greek god Apollos enemies?

Apollo doesn't have any enemies.

Did Apollo the Greek god have any daughters?

No, just two sons'.

Does the greek god Apollo die?

Since Apollo is a god, he is immortal

What is Greece god Apollo of?

apollo is the greek god of the sun and music

Who is greek god of poetry?

The Greek god of poetry was Apollo! Apollo was the god of not only poetry, but beauty and music as well.

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