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Civil War (1861-1865)

Total servicemembers (Union)
Battle deaths (Union)
Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Union)
Nonmortal woundings (Union)
Total servicemembers (Conf.)
Battle deaths (Conf.)


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the north had more deaths as the south had only 154 deaths

The North had the highest number of Battlefield Deaths. The South had the highest percentage of Deaths to Men Serving.

The north had more deaths but had more people to force the surrender

The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.

No- the South seceeded from the North, which was a cause of the Civil War

Pennsylvania was for the north during the Civil War.

Question Why did inflation occur in both the North and the South during the Civil War?

North Washington DC South Richmond VA

yes the south agriculture the north industrial

Also the South had Slaves to work on those farms the North started blockading the South there was a widespread shortage of many goods such as shoes. Adventages of North during Civil war? What were the advantages of the North?

THE Union was the North during the Civil War.The south was the Confederate states

The South was not divided amongst itself in the civil war it divided itself from the Union (The North)

the union are the south the confederate army are the north

The war had primarily been fought in the south, not the north. The south had to be re-built.

The North and South were direct enemies during the American Civil War. The South fought to create their own country while the North fought to keep the country intact.

Both the North and the South made gun powder during the Civil War. As in most manufacturing, the North had more resources to do it than did the South.

Well... the North (Union) lost 140,414 people. And the South (Confederacy) lost an estimated 94,000 people. Adding these two numbers together I got a total of 234,414 battle deaths in the American Civil War. So... the North had 60% of the battle deaths in the Civil War.

One of the obvious differences between the North and the South during the U.S. Civil War was that the North was anti-slavery and the South was pro-slavery.

d.c for the north Richmond for the south

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