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Yes. I have it on a video tape. It was amazing that the turnbuckle could even hold all that weight, before Brock did the Suplex.

AnswerThe Ring did collapse, but it was set up to do so. If it wasn't set up, Lesnar would have gotten up and rolled off of it. ANSWER Well I could get in big trouble for this but I work for WWE I help setup the ring that was not supposed to happen. The wait was just to much crashing down on the mat. worked for wwe and can't spell "weight". Guess your resume wasn't that impressive..

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โˆ™ 2010-11-07 18:22:51
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Q: Did the ring really collapse when Brock Lesnar Superplexed the Big Show or was it set up?
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Brock Lesnar because he superplexed the big show when the big show was 500 lbs

How many times in WWE was the ring collapse?

twice- the first time: in a match against big show and brock lesnar the ring collapsed after lesnar superplexed big show off the top rope; the second time: WWE Vengeance 10/23/11, Mark Henry vs. Big Show for World Heavyweight Title, Henry superplexed Show off top rope, ring imploded.

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