Did the rock go back to WWE?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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NO! i can officially tell you that The Rock is not back Wrestling there have been rumours that he will return for Wrestlemania XXV but i can tell you that he will not be there. I could nearly guarentee the the Rock is done with the WWE as sad as that is to say, although i do think he will do special appearances here and there but NO! THE ROCK is still making movies, and focasing on his acting career.

FACT: The Rock was last seen in the WWE Ring at Wrestlemania XX!

I hope this information helps you out a little!

ForeverCharmed XX

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yes, he sure did. just saw the video on YouTube, dated 2/14/2011. he also promised that he will never leave again. lol... i never watched wwe or whatever it was b4 it had to rename..

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Q: Did the rock go back to WWE?
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Why did the rock go back to WWE?

Because WWE asked him to do a few PPV's he is not back full time

Is the rock officially back in the WWE?

Yes, he is officially back in WWE, but he is not a fighter.

When will WWE come to little rock?

when will wwe come back to little rock arkansas

Why did the rock come back to the WWE?

Because the WWE Universe loves him.

Is rock coming back to WWE?


Will the rock comeback to the WWE in 2010?

its possible that the rock will come back

When will The Rock come back to WWE?

The Rock has recently been in talks with WWE about coming back as a guest host, and maybe more. Watch this space.

Will The Rock come back at survivor series 2007?

the rock is coming back to full time wrestling he has signed a 2 year contract with the wwe and he will be back in 2007 and 2008 so finally the rock has come back two the wwe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the rook cuming back from WWE?

no the rock is not comming back to wrestle.

Is the rock ever coming back to the WWE?

i hope

The rock will come back at WWE 2010?


Why is the rock back n WWE?

to be the wrestlmania host.