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Did the south secede because of fraklin Delano Roosevelt?

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The south did not secede because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He wasn't even born till 1882 and didn't become president until 1933.

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Why did Texas secede?

because they supported slavery

Which states did not secede from the union?

The states that DID NOT secede from the Union was Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri. These four states did not secede from the Union because They were Border states, meaning they were between the Union and the Confederacy.

Why was the South not able to legally secede?

because you are gay

Why and when did NC secede from the union?

because they felt like it

How do you use the word secede in a sentence?

Southerners called for the southern states to secede from the US and form their own government.Residents of the region once sought to secede from the territory because of rampant lawlessness.

When and why did the south secede?

South Carolina was the first state to secede in October of 1860. The South seceded because of slavery issues & constitutional issues.

Who was elected as president of the US that prompted some southern states to secede?

some southern states secede because of preisdent abrahim Lincoln

Why did Alabama secede from the union?

Alabama seceded from the union because of slavery.

In 1861 why did seven states vote to secede from the union?

because they just did

Which state was formed because it refused to secede from the Union?

West Virginia.

What is secede?

secede is to withdraw from your area, or union.

Civil war secede?

what does secede mean

Why did Georgia want to secede from the union?

Georgia wanted to secede from the Union because they believed Abraham's Lincolns election, and republican party's were strongly and aggressively anti-slavery.

What are argument that individual states have the right to secede from the Union?

Because of the innate soverignty of states, each one has the right to disagree with the central government and secede if it so votes.

Did the south have the right to secede?

yes yes yes because i said so

Why was the north called the union?

Because the south wanted to secede from the United States

Which new state was created because they did not want to secede from the Union?

West Virginia

Why did South Carolina secede the union?

South Carolina threatened to secede for many reasons. One of them was because a line in the Declaration of Independence offended a senator from south Carolina, therefore, he threatened to secede. You may want to research this information farther, I am not sure if its correct.

How come West Virginia was able to secede?

The counties of West Virginia we're able to secede from Virginia because they had the Armed backing of the North during the American Civil War

Why did the north want to secede from the union?

Not the NorthThe North wanted to preserve the Union, not secede from it. The South wanted to secede.

Use secede in a sentence?

Texas wanted to secede from the Union.

What border did not secede?

Borders do not secede though some states did.

Can you use the word secede in a sentence?

We can only hope that they secede.

Sixth state to secede from the union?

Louisiana was sixth to secede.

What is the opposite of secede?

The opposire of secede is advance, continue, and maintain.

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