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They accomplished their objective (to save South Korea from invasion) although the war was a tactical mixed bag, and it ended in a stalemate.


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The US Government supported the Korean War.

The first US military stand against communism; with the successful effect that demonstrated that not only would the US use force, but the US could succeed in stopping them.

The Reds won the former, and didn't succeed with the latter.

See Korean War Facts or Korean War Educator.

The US entered the Korean war in order to protect South Korea

yes, US forces participated in the korean war from 1950 to 1953

see website: Korean War for the list.

"us" I wasn't apart of the Korean War, I wasn't even born yet!

not sure of your question, but the Korean war was clasified as a POLICE ACTION

The US was the primary combatant of the Korean War.

The troops were not sent in the Korean war

US forces participated in the Korean war...

The US civil War began in 1861 and the Korean War began in 1950 and the War of 1812 began in 1812. So it goes from left to right War of 1812, US Civil War, Korean War

The Korean War was the FIRST war in US History in which they were "Officially Integrated" into the US military forces.

Approximately 1,789,000 US Servicemen served in the Korean War.

Aproximately 1,789,000 US Servicemen served in the Korean War.

The Korean War was the FIRST "Hot" battle of the Cold War; a war against communism.

Over 33,000 US servicemen were killed in the Korean War.

Approximately 33,000 US Servicemen were killed in the Korean War.

Many volunteered for the US military and served in the Korean War.

U.S. was involved in the Korean war for three years.

The American general during the korean war was Douglas Mcarthur.

The Korean War directly resulted in the US NOT INVADING North Vietnam.

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