Did they find a skull on mars?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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No. Whatever has been found that resembles anything human is pure chance. You know how clouds can look like animals or dragons and stuff when you stare at them long enough? That's how it works with acres and acres of rocks too. Volcanic rocks can have great huge pits in them that resemble eye sockets, and it wouldn't take too much to find a rock or pile of dirt that looked like something you recognize like a skull. Scientists would LOVE to find a skull on Mars, or anywhere else for that matter, and nowadays, it would be impossible to hide the fact from the public. Remember the flap about a Mars meteorite containing fossilized microbes? It took years for people to decide that while what they found certainly looked likely, in the end, they decided to look for more evidence to support the claim.

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if they did why would we wonder if theres life? get what im saying? a skull would get there by having someone having been on mars so theres my point

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Q: Did they find a skull on mars?
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