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yes there are necklaces like bead necklaces.

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How many identical necklaces can be made with 90 green beads and 108 blue beads?

18 necklaces. 6 blue beads and 5 green beads on each necklace.

Has 90 green beads and 108 blue beadsWhat is the greatest number of identical necklaces he can make if he uses all of the beads?

If he has only the beads stated, he can make 18 identical necklaces, each with 6 blue beads and 5 green beads.

How many beads would you need to make 16 necklaces?

You would need as few as 16 beads if you used one "focal" or main bead per necklace. If smaller beads are used, the total quantity of beads would depend on both the size of the beads and the length of necklaces made. For example, if you used 2mm seed beads (12.7 beads per inch) and made the necklaces 18" long, you would need approximately 3,650 beads.

Do they make necklaces from things other than metals?

You can get bead necklaces made out of stone or plastic beads or you can get a pearl necklace.

How do you make decorative necklaces of beads?

You take the breads and put then on the string.

What necklaces Jennifer Aniston wears lately?

Yes shes going along with bright colors like orange with lots of beads.

If you have 90 green beads and 108 blue beads What is the greatest number of identical necklaces made using all the beads?

You'd need to know how many beads have to be in a necklace. Can you have a necklace with only 11 beads in it? do the problem by yourself.

How many necklaces will 90 and 108 beads make?

depends on how big those beads are and how you want to put them together If you want to use just those beads to make up a necklace then maybe 2-3 but again its all depending on the size of the beads. If you put seedbeads in between then you can make them stretch and make 10 or so necklaces.. Can you give more info on the size in mm of the beads.

What were polished beads used by native Americans?

They put them in necklaces, in their hair, and on their clothes if you were trying to ask, "How did the Native Americans use polished beads?"

What are some ways to reuse cheap Mardi Gras beads?

Some ways to reuse cheap Mardi Gras beads are to have kids have some fun with them like making them into necklaces and other things that kids enjoy to do.

Why are you get the best teething necklaces?

We have the most fashionable, newer design baltic amber products for babies, teens and adults such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, beads, pendants, etc. for every occasion.

What are necklaces made of?

There are plenty of types of beads you can make on a necklace. So you cant tell what kind of necklace you want to make.

Why are necklaces made out of beads?

Necklacesweren't always made out of beads. Some back in the Egyptian ages were made out of gold and jewels. Beads were discovered when Indians made rocks with holes in the middle and painted them. And so now we have a different version because of the materials we have now.

How many different necklaces can be made from 9 beads all of different colors?

we can arrange different beads in 9!ways . and since it is a circular combination , 9 combinations are repeated so answer is 9!/9

How are metamorphic rock igneous rock and sedimentary rock related?


What arts and crafts did the apalachee tribe make?

freshwater pearl necklaces, shell hair beads, and owl effigy ceramic bowls.

Why are beads thrown during the Mardi Gras parade?

The tradition of throwing beads during Mardi Gras parades dates back to the 1920s. Each parade is put on by a krewe, and the Rex krewe began the tradition of "throws" by tossing out inexpensive glass beads necklaces to entice the crowds. Catching the beads at Mardi Gras became an instant crowd pleaser.

What are fimo beads?

Fimo beads are handmade beads which actually originated from South Africa. They are mainly manufactured from Polymer Clay fimo beads can be manufactured from any variety of malleable material which can be purchased from a hobby or craft store. Fimo beads don't come in particular size or shape and can be made into different shapes such as cubical, cylindrical or spherical. They can also be made into different types of jewelries such as necklaces and bracelets.

What is the difference between euro beads and Pandora beads?

There are no differences between European beads and Pandora beads, although Pandora beads are more expensive than other european sterling silver beads, like Biagi beads.

What about baltic amber teething necklaces?

Amber teething necklaces pose a danger to infants. Infants should not be wearing jewelry around their neck which present the possibility of strangulation. The beads - regardless of the material - pose a choking hazard.

What is a wampum?

a wampum is beads weaved {white and purple} there like scarves but with beads on them

What are some of the innovations that necklaces has undergone since its original invention?

Innovations to the necklace include colorful stones, art glass, feather, shells, beads, or corals.

What are the birthstone babies?

Birthstone Babies are a brand of jewelry available at many large and/or accessory stores. They have charms, necklaces, rings, pins and beads, to name a few.

What do the Camp Halfblood Necklaces look like?

they are not necklaces, but bracelets. they are leathery and they contain chains for each year that you survive.

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